Vanity- A Short Story by Leona

There was a mirror on my vanity table. It has a large golden frame and scalloped edging. It leans up against the wall because I am too lazy to hang it up properly. Every morning I sit in front of it around 7:30 am or so and put on my make up. I never really thought of myself as a makeup kind of girl but recently I have been putting it on just because. Because I want to feel pretty and because it feels nice to pamper myself each morning for about 30 min. This morning I was listening to some music and my dog was sitting on my bed behind me. My dog usually joined me for my morning routine. I put on some eyeliner and was about to apply mascara when I noticed a black smudge on the mirror. I bunched up the cuff of my sweatshirt and wiped it away. The black smeared a little. Probably just some make up from yesterday. Then my phone buzzed. It was my friend sending me a funny meme. I smiled, responded with an emoji and started to apply mascara again. The black smear had re-appeared on the mirror. Didn’t I just wipe that away? I grabbed a paper towel and wiped away the black. However this time, I noticed that the smear was more liquidy than before, almost like sludge. 

My dog barked. This made me jump and knock over some things from my vanity. I cursed slightly under my breath. And my dog barked again. I leaned over to look through my bedroom door. I think my dog heard one of the neighbors leaving for work. When I looked back at the mirror, I saw that the black smear had reappeared and dripped down the mirror. I wiped again. This time with much more intent. The smear immediately started to swell back up. Almost like an oozing wound. I grabbed more paper towels and kept wiping. But the more that I wiped the mirror the more the black liquid seemed to seep from it. Soon there was a black stream of thick liquid flowing down the mirror. It started to pool on my vanity. I was horrified and picked up my brushes and lotion bottles. I kept putting more paper towels down, trying to boot up the black liquid. My doorbell rang. My dog barked again. 

I glanced back at the mirror and noticed the stream of liquid was pulsing. There was almost a beat to the liquid that leaked from the mirror. My phone rang. It was an unknown caller. My hands still clenched dirty paper towels and my make up bottles. The fire alarm went off. I looked at the mirror and the black liquid was streaming over everything. It had pooled on my vanity and was dripping off creating stains on the carpet. My dog parked louder. The sound of the alarm blared in my ears. I tried to scream. I tried to leave my vainite. But my voice didn’t come and my body didn’t move. When the black liquid touched my skin it was hot. It started to burn. This time when I screamed, my voice ripped through my apartment louder than the barking and the alarm.

I screamed and jolted upright. 

The morning light slowly filtered through the blinds. The clock on my bedside table read, 3:07am. I heard my dog shift in his cage. My heart beat fast, my blood pumped. I quickly got up and looked at my vanity mirror. There was a black smudge on the bottom. I turned on the lights, my eyes watered and I started looking for cleaning supplies. I cleared the mirror and hoped the smear would not reappear. I scrubbed the mirror until the varnish started to rub away. When I lifted my hands to see if the spot was clean, I noticed that the slack smear started to pool with liquid and slowly dripped down the mirror.

This is a small break from “Andromeda and the Moon”. I was inspired to write something more horror and spooky. My dog was barking at sounds coming from outside my apartment while I was putting on make up. This piece was born.

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