Audio Book – A Short Story by Leona

The whirl of the cassette player was a comforting sound. Elena had let the player spin even though she needed to flip the cassette. It was such a hassle to get up. Lifting her body and then moving her legs. She liked the sound of the twirling mechanical pieces. She had just finished the second part of her favorite story, Pride and Prejudice. She played the cassette because it was her favorite audio version of the story. Her daughter was always telling her to buy a new CD player and “modernize”. It was always that way with her kids. Elena lifted her body to get up from the chair. Her doorbell rang.

“Coming!” Elena called. One, two, three! She pushed herself up. The doorbell rang again. Hmpf! Elena called again.

“Coming!” she said. “You bastard,” she said under her breath. If it was her daughter, she would have let herself in. So it must be someone new. Someone Elena didn’t know. She always disliked new people at her door. She shuffled over and stopped the cassette then went to address the doorbell. 

“Hallo?” She cracked the door slightly. A pink bunny. That’s what she saw. No, there was more too.

“Hello! Are you Mrs. Thomas?” a woman said from behind the giant pink bunny stuffed animal. “This is a delivery for you. I just need you to sign.” The pink monstrosity got closer. 

“I didn’t order anything like that.” Elena said. But the pink was too much so she backed up and let the girl inside. The delivery girl put down the giant bunny and held out a clipboard. 

“Sign here.” she said.

“Who is this from?” Elena asked. Who in their right mind sent her this stupid bunny? It was egregious. 

“Hmm, it says it’s from Mr. Darcy. Does that name sound familiar?” the girl asked.

Elene blinked. Mr. Darcy? She smiled and started to laugh. Clearly someone was playing a joke on her. But only someone who knew her well. The girl didn’t even realize Mr. Darcy was fictional.

“Oh, yes.: Elena said. “That name sounds familiar. I guess I will have to find a place for this terrible thing.”

The girl tipped her hat and closed the door. Elena and the bunny stood in the entryway. It was too big for her to lift. How did that girl carry it in here? Elena dragged the bunny to the living room. She put the next tape into the cassette and sat down.

“There is also one other person in the party,” he continued after a pause, “who more particularly wishes to know you.”

I like to listen to audio books each day. This sotry was, in part, ispired by my personal hobby. I was also trying out a situational story and tried to imagine how the character would react. It was a fun short story to write. Now I’m back to try and finish a different short story. Wish me luck!

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