Haibun Wednesday – A Go Dog Go Cafe Challenge

In the early morning hours, I heard the pattering feet from the kittens running in my neighbors apartment. I smell roses as I wash my face. The cool water warming to my routine. Then I notice the clouded skies and hear the crow caw. The kids are being picked up by the school bus, it’s yellow color heralding the morning. The grays and browns of the trees seem subtle and welcoming as I walk my dog. There is a small frost on the grass and I notice a speckled sparrow by the lonely evergreen.

Charming clouds that cover

Warm and cool moments are calm

And I see a bird

This haibun is inspired by Haibun wednesday at the Go Dog Go Cafe!

6 thoughts on “Haibun Wednesday – A Go Dog Go Cafe Challenge

  1. Donna Matthews says:

    I do so love when the school bus comes down my road! Your morning walk is lovely and I paused at your last line, “and I see a bird” – made me wonder how many times I miss the birds while wrapped up inside my head. xo

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