The Art of Blessing the Day – A Haibun by Leona

My horizon doesn’t exist from my window sill. It happens farther in the distance, as I can only see the car park from my view. I imagine the sun and how she greets the day. Casting her blessing of shine and light to my little hovel.

Turn your face to me

Fevered dreams to still at last

An ancient rhythm

Dubiously, I seek out the morning rays. I want them to fall on my carpet. No one told me that there is an art of blessing the day. Praying to my Creator and dancing in the rays. She holds me tenderly, the sunny spirit and I am renewed. Becoming aware of the morning sun is more than a ritual, it has become a moment of worship. Praising and praying to a God I love as I feel the energy sit upon my skin. I hope heaven is like this, I wonder to myself. 

Deep reflection, pray

Hearing a Holy Spirit 

Tied to the One love

I hope you all don’t mind my more spiritual take on this challenge and haibun. As Christmas approaches, I have been reflecting more on the reason why Christians are called to celebrate Christmas along with our neighbors. Along side this reflection, I have been listening to the book of Mark from the Bible. There are many moments where I have been pondering Christ’s words and teachings. I am not one to always share my spiritual walk but I wanted to use the haibun form to explore this aspect of my present. This haibun was written in response to the Haibun Wednesday Challenge and the Once Upon a December challenge found at the Go Dog Go Cafe.

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