Haibun Challenge – A Haibun by Leona

Feelings of cheer and hope fill my heart. It has been busy. I keep spending time in the car with my hands on the wheel. I turn this way and that to arrive to say hello. Life has been going fast. In between moments, I am at the mall with crowds of other faces picking out chocolates. I want two mocha truffles and four caramel filled candies. In the mornings, my routine doesn’t change as I walk around with my dog and look at the sky clouds. Will it snow this year? My cheeks are cold from the air and a bit sore from smiling. The soreness isn’t bad as I hug my friend from church and wish her a “Merry Christmas”. It has been a hard year but a good year, filled with many magical memories. Finally, I set up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and wrap the last present with brown paper and string. I wonder about the waiting and anticipating. How we prepare and prepare for this season to come. Gingerbread and ham sit on the stove in my mother’s apartment. She has set up twinkling lights on her balcony. It is a special time of year.

It wasn’t always this way

Different traditions now

Merry Christmas, love

This haibun was inspired by the Haibun Wednesday Challenge at the Go Dog Go Cafe!

5 thoughts on “Haibun Challenge – A Haibun by Leona

  1. Donna Matthews says:

    There’s a hint of sadness amongst the cheer in your prose – I find it beautifully poignant. It’s the most wonderful time of year until it isn’t – as we get older there’s more (what? baggage?) that we carry into the holidays. Maybe it’s your haiku that reminds the reader that this is all impermanent. Beautiful piece Leona ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leona/Liyona says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! Yes there s something beautiful about the holiday season but it has brought mixed emotions over the last few years. I am glad to ear it resonated with you. I look forward to this week’s challenge as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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