Poems from the past pt. 7

The irony is that after everything
after all the happenstance and
I still see myself in the woods
In a peaceful cabin surrounded by
beautiful oak, maple and pine.
Picking strawberries from a field
and whistling to myself.
My hair is tied in a bun
with short strands flowing in the wind
as the breeze brushes by.
I am humming to myself a
tune created from my own
I look up and gaze out across
the valley. The warm sun hitting
my face.
I smile to myself because this
place is marvelous,
such a gift.
I never thought it could be called
my home.
A slight rustle from behind,
I turn to catch you walking
through the forest.
A smile settles on my lips again as
I glimpse you through the
I know you’ll arrive soon.
Three more strawberries are added to my basket
and one berry for tasting.
I hear you call my name.
A soft spoken murmur that
casts a spell on me.
I turn smiling again
but just to myself.
For I say,
“Hello, How are you?”
“Picking Strawberries?” you surmise.
“Well tis the season”
“Eating strawberries season?”
You laugh and bend down to grab a strawberry.
Delicious and sweet
I taste one too.
The sweet crunch reminds me
of everything wonderful about
Everything wonderful about
“Yummy!” I cry.
You laugh, chuckle at my
child-like response.
“You ready to go back home?”
“I think so”
“They’ll be more for tomorrow”
“I am sure of that”
You take my basket as I grab
my shoes from the field and
we head back home together.
“Can we sing a song?”
I ask randomly.
“About summer?” you respond.
“How did you know?”
” I heard you singing to yourself earlier”
I smile and blush all at once.
“That song was for the trees” I state.
“But it did sound lovely” you counter.
“Well thank you” I bow dramatically
“But you’ll sing a song for me, won’t you?”
You look up to the sky. Then with a toss of your head you sigh and smile all at once.
“I think I will” you grin.
Then I listen and wait.
At first, all I hear are our footsteps and my breath. But I know the
song is forming in your head
Then in a wonderful crecendo you start to hum
“Oh for the day the sun breathes
it makes me wonder!
Oh for the beauty of the green forest woods a sunder!
And I wish
and I see
That my one true love
is standing next to me.”
I blush and respond in the same tune,
“And I wish and I see that my one true love they are standing next to me.” You smile and giggle
and now that I am content.
I grab your hand, squeeze
tightly and sing,
“That my one true love
is standing next to me.”

I was inspired to go through my journal from about a year ago and re-read some of the poems that I wrote back then. I thought it would be neat to have a week where I showcased some of my past penned poems that have never seen the light of day. To be honest, I was motivated by the “Throwback Friday” posts found on the Go Dog Go Cafe. If you haven’t, take a moment to see all the greater writers who share on that page! Photo by Sean Musil on Unsplash.

The Monster

light flickers from the

dirty dusty work bench

as a man hovers,

hunched over a large black mass

he turns and I see

his yellow stained lips and

red viened eyes

“Igor, is that you?”

the snarl of my name on his twisted lips

it hurts


I call


like the white petaled rose

I saw this morning

“It is time, Igor”

His breath hits my face

and the stench of the bench

continues to bring tears to my eyes.

I walk to the machine and flip the switch

His eyes glare in madness as

he stares at the large black  mass

“Igor, Stand back”

I hear a howl and a sharp scream

grating my fingernails and teeth

“It’s alive, Igor!!!”

He scrambles closer and peers down

In one swift movement

The blackness fills my vision

and I knew

no more.


This poem is inspired by the Monster She Wrote, Prompt Challenge: Day 1 Frankenstien by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. I will be trying to follow this prompt challenge as much as I can throughout the month of October! (But no promises) I look forward to all the spooky vibes! Photo by 𝘋𝘖𝘕𝘖𝘝𝘈𝘕 𝙍 𝙀 𝙀 𝙑 𝙀 𝙎 on Unsplash.

Summer Sweat

The glass clinked against the wooden table as Rifa set down her drink. The dewy moisture made the sound dull unenthusiastic;there was no ring. Rifa turned around and looked out of the window. She lit a cigarette and slumped against the window frame. She could feel the sweat bead against her hairline as the open pane let in a slight breeze. Not enough. Not in this heat. The slick feeling under her shirt made even cotton uncomfortable. Inhale. Exhale.

“This endless summer will be the death of me.” Rifa sighed.


This post is insipred by the Tuesday Writing Prompt at Go Do Go Cafe, hosted by Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda : “edge of summer”

Photo by Ann from Unsplash


“Oh there you are”

I turned

facing the open window

and looked up.

You appeared so magically

out of thin air,

but then again

you were a


Your foot softly rested on the windowsill

Your capes flowing behind

in a breeze that

didn’t really exist.

I gasped.

You smiled

and outstretched your arms

so I could sink

into your embrace.

“Heavens” I muttered

my face covered by

your shoulder.

“Did you expect me to stay away?”

You whispered in my ear.

I gasped.

You smiled

and lifted my chin toward your face.

I never minded being so close

and gazing at your

starry, red eyes

red sapphires

I called them.

As you turned my head,


I smiled and leaned in

a moment that

I knew would

repeat itself

for a million times.

Because each

time you left,

you were never far.

You would come back

to me

with a kiss

for I was your



Photo Credit: Cristian Escobar from Unsplash





Say congrats to the crown

The jeweled prince

Has become a King

Or so he thinks

But a king wears a

Heavy crown

An oh so heavy crown

That need a structure or a system

To hold it

Luckily for him

I am here

His advisor

His adversary

I mean, confidant

I will help the sweet

Prince make his move

And move those makers

Who tried to overthrow


I mean, him

The prince

I mean, king

His royal majesty

I will be there through

All the times

Dark and bitter

Light and peaceful

The two cents that I

Will give

Will change the course of


But none will recognize that

It was my hand at work

The prince is now king

And I am still the puppeteer

A master at feigning simple

Simple minded devil

Some have tried to be rid

Of me

In this royal court

But little so they know

I am the puppeteer that

Allowed them here

People whisper that I am


But I will kiss the royal hand

And bend my knee

Then who can dispute

Such loyalty?



To the Royal King



To Me

Panic: A short story

It seemed like a good idea at the time

To bust around

Flipping tables and

Smash furniture

I can’t remember giving

The police my name

But at some point

I must have

Because all the sudden

My mother was

Screaming at me

In the mall cafeteria

How dare you behave like this!

This isn’t how I raised you!

I stopped my smashing

And thrashing to

Blankly stare at

The woman in front of


In that moment of

Pause, I regained

Part of my sanity

And started to cry

How did I become like


Who am I?

Who looked back at me

In the mirror this


The mall police took

My stopping as a sign

Of resolve and

Stepped closer in

My mother ran to

Me and hugged me


Forcing my arms to

My sides

So I couldn’t move


At that same moment

She hit my wrist

And something thudded

To the floor

A soda can,maybe?

I heard shouts

From all directions

As my face

Became smothered in

My mother’s


Who knew you could revert back

To childhood so easily?

As a sob left my mouth

My mother whispered

This is not how I raised you



Sweet sappy stuff

Bees spend all their

Lives making for winter

Sticky to touch

Yummy to taste

Honey, I love you

I love you, honey

I think she meant

It for the


We walked together out of

The cafeteria

Glass and wood

About me

Like a jigsaw puzzle

Someone didn’t finish

I looked down

And saw the

Thing I had been holding

Drew my breath in

It wasnt a soda can

Or even a knife

It was a Barbie doll

With her

Arms stretched high

In the sky

As if to say

“This is not how I raised you


I’ve always hated bees

Story:rainy encounter 

I do not remember how we met

Or why we crossed paths

That evening

In the summertime

In the rain

My hands free about me

For I did not carry an umbrella 

You passed me by 

But turned

And offered me shelter

We both headed toward the glass doors

You grabbed the handle

As I said 

Thank you

I glanced at your eyes

To see gold sparkles

And fire cast browns 

In your beard

It took me by surprise 

That a gentleman 

Could be so handsome 

But a passing thought was all that

I allowed myself to give

For I knew lust could creep into my heart 

You said

Your welcome

In a calming way

That made my insides tense and shiver

I turned to leave

For staring would be impolite


You said

Do you work in this building?

I turned on my heel 

With a swish of the fabric

Faced the man tall and strong


I work here

But only on Wednesdays and Fridays

As a receptionist for the buisness on the 

Third floor

He met my eyes

Looked into my soul

And I in his

He offered

Allthough its crummy weather today

Why dont we meet here again sometime 

and enjoy a real walk outside

I work here everyday

In the buisness on the second floor

I took a moment

Considered my options

Who knew this would happen today?

What if he was a creep?

But I decided to have faith in humanity

And let the norms of society 

Proceed as usual


I said

I would like that very much.

How can I get in touch with you?

He smiles as me

With creased eyes and lips 

Hidden behind a warm blanket beard

I will give you my phone number

And we can chat soon

I didnt know if I should

Shake his hand

Or squeeze it tight

But in time

I told myself

The memories we share

Will allow for me to touch your

Eyes and kiss your lips

My hopeful friend


Here is the start of a story I wrote. What do you think?

Looked Through


She paced the floor of her bedroom…

“That is how I wanted the story to start Jennie” said Fear. “But you know, I think that it will make more sense for there to be a more dramatic opening.”

More like a dramatic closing, I thought.

“Can we be done with this? I am tired and I want to go home.”

“Jennie!” Fear sighed “its always about what you want, isn’t it. Can’t we do something that I want to do? Isn’t there any joy for you in participating in things that I love?”

I glanced at Fear as though I hadn’t heard her. I knew it would make her angry but I didn’t care. I no longer wanted to be stuck in this room with just a chair and a computer. I no longer wanted to try and pretend that I was interested.

“You know; it would be nice to have you listen once in a while” Fear turned back to her computer. My glance had done the trick. She was annoyed and not she would want me to leave. “Just leave Jennie”

Without even a goodbye, I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my backpack. Life needed living and it wasn’t happening with Fear.

“I’ll be back by curfew” I said mockingly to Fear as I left her apartment. Gosh the cool fresh air felt nice. I felt as though I could breathe again. Not that I wasn’t breathing before but now it felt more real. I walked down the stairs of the building and hit the sidewalk with a run. I didn’t need to run but I wanted race myself. Push myself farther. I passed a sign for a coffee shop. The neon green read open. Just as I passed the window, a person pushed open the front door to the shop and I stumbled into them. They were holding coffee in their hands and looking down at their phone. I was looking at the sign and running too fast to care.

“Goodness! You’re moving fast, aren’t you?” the man said. “Luckily, my coffee didn’t spill”. I grunted a “Yes” and glanced up. Of course he would care if his coffee spilled. You bougie scum. My glance was met with nothing as the man had already moved away and started looking at his phone. Because this guy stopped me, I entered the shop out of spite to some weird karma game I was playing in my head. I ordered a small coffee and sat down. Now that I wasn’t moving I had time to think about what I needed to do.

My mind wandered from making a to-do list about other more interesting and engaging things. What would I look like with blue hair? How long will it take me to re-read the Harry Potter series? Can I have powers just like in the Airbender series?

My eyes were staring in the distance and suddenly I saw movement that pulled me from my internal daze.

The Party

She whistled softly to herself. The murmurs of the party were the background melody to her forefront thoughts. She painted with her imagination all the places she would rather be than at this moment. She heard someone walk up from behind. Their footsteps seemed to indicate a person with a relaxed disposition. She turned slightly to greet the newcomer with only a glance. It was one of those glances where your eyes delight in whatever they see. A glance that might linger a bit too long before turning away. She was surprised to see a person so well dressed and with such a relaxed look. Maybe it was a facade? Either way the newcomer became a silent companion as she turned back to stare at the view. She soon became lost in her thoughts and disregarded ever fancying a conversation.

Another planet

As Tarina looked out the window, she beheld a misty green planet. Her voyage was coming to a close. The spacecraft that took Tarina and her companions here had just enough fuel to land on the unknown planet. Behind her, Hyacinth gasped. She could always count on Hyacinth dramatizing any event. But Tarina couldn’t really blame her for the over reaction because the green planet was mesmerizing and terrifying all at once. Their mission was simple. Extract the VX microbes and wait for the return convoy. Tarina backed away from the port window to start to prepare for decent. She almost bumped into Kavyin a small Uldarian on the mission. The Universal Council had required that there was one extraterrestrial on the mission. Kayvin grumbled as he took Tarina’s spot at the port. Such a waste of space, Tarina spoke to herself. Kayvin was not trained in knowing dermitalogical planet microbes and had very little grasp of the purpose of the mission. She hoped that Kayvin would not want to get off the craft when they landed but rather keep to the ship. Tarina’s hopes were high for the mission. They had been able to reach this point with very little gravitational disturbances. She hoped this would be the case when they landed. Fingers crossed, Tarina whispered. Her cultural tradition to ward off bad luck still kept with her even now.