Another life

In another life

I think I was

The hero who

Created great films and spoke

To a great many people

Who embraced spicy food

And called out the fear mongers

In another life

I think

I wrote tearful poetry

That lasted beyond my time

I laughed at my wealth

And cherished only souls

In another life

I think, but

Who am I now?


Maybe its Lonliness

Let the empty


Lunch space

Become your best friend

And the used



Will wipe away

Your tears


What is your name?

Alter ego

Hearing me cry

What is your place?

Giving me pain

The early morning

Or maybe the late night

Woke me from my sleep

And I failed to snuggle up

And warm to slumbers touch

Because I

Couldnt name

My alter ego

The mystery

Solve the mystery

Of growing up

And you’ll revcieve

More than praise and adoration

Solve the mystery of growing up

And people will crown you

A master of achievement

I thought it would be fun

But its only sad and dreary

The world of grown ups and


Cant I solve the mystery?

Will that lead to happiness?

In steps

Little by little you

Breathe through

All the sick slime

That has covered your eyes

Wipe and clean

Continue to strive

For a moment

You waited for

It is good

In the quiet morning

When I hear the

Bird song

Notes of happy warm times

Singing about the blue glassy sky

That is when I think

It is good

Soft pale colors

Grace the memories

of my dreams

And I forget those dark thoughts

When I hear the

Bird song

That is when I think

It is good


I didnt think

That I would be the one




Letting the light shine through

And rest


My face

I didnt think I would

Be the



Never left and lived

Where I scraped

My knees

And sucked my thumb

Who else feels this way

That they are not

In the place

They assumed

They would end up

Can I be sad?

Shoukd I be happy?

Ive stayed to long to remember