A girl

What does a girl say

When the biggest threat

To her success

Is her own spirit

A two pronged thing

One in tune with nature

The other raging

Mismatched socks

In a drawer of a person

And I seem to be one step behind

The thoughts in my head

And my words are one step behind

What was trying to be said

How do you think

Is it easier?

Washing hands and hair

With lavender soaps

To disguise

And hint

Of melancholy

Or decay?

Seeming forever lost

To my own self

But others have found

The moss

Green stained hands

Mud bellied

Apple tarts

And I’m drowning

What should a girl say

To wake herself up in the morning?


Listen here

Listen here


Use your ears

Not your words

Stay silent

For a moment

Stay quiet

For a beat

I have something to say

An important message

For you to hear

At the end of

The day

I am not going

Sit and listen

To you spout nonsense

Or hate

I will slay the dragons

With my sword and shield

I am a warrior

And shall be feared

Fear my name

Do not think you can laugh

For I have destroy the dragon

And my strength will last

Again, love

I keep thinking that

I’m over your smile

And lovely locks

There I go


And oh

Your lovely lips

Forget I mentioned it

Forget I said something

Because then we’ll glance

And laugh

I’m not in love

But boy

You do bring a smile

To my eyes

And I don’t mind

Smiling with you

But I hope I did

Not dissapoint

Your advances

To the girls you actually want

To those you speak about

With me

I hope you understand

I can’t let myself

Become one of


Even with your wit

And oh

Your lovely lips

I must confess

You enchant me

But rather like a beautiful

Sculpture to

Gaze upon

Stone cold

Never to touch

Or the spell will be broken.

You will understand with


And I just laugh

Ever more at the idea of love.


It gave me a start

My third eye

Blind for all I knew

Was to see

With two eyes

Years unfolding

Origami of time

Pressing paper


Smiles and laughter drawn

On my face

I didnt mind

Because the pudding was set

And life moved

I used to worry about being my

Very best

Very best version

But thats all silly talk

Mirrors can burn

And images distort

For I like being true

To myself

To myself

Arrogant and witty

With a self deprecation

That lends itself to fun

Could have gone to the Olympics

Won a gold metal coin

To spit on

But the truth about


Is that it can


The oxygen from your


Leaving you

Wishing for something

Anything else

Good luck

My darling

Maybe this time you wont screw up.

Never asked

I never asked to have

A heart

So full

Of love




How can you say

There is something missing?

I never thought

It would be so eaay


Love again

Like my first birthday

I never had any control

Over it

When you glanced

Into my soul

I thought I did a better

Job hiding


But instead

You read my horoscope

And hit all the points of meaning

I never asked

For you to be

A major part of my heart

But now its happened

And I’m so content

Darling Its seems


Never say more

Its a clover

Three leafed

Never saying more than

Whats needed

Give me my own song

I’ll never sing more

Than whats needed



Finger tips

And a slushie moment

Of words

I’ll never say more than whats


You drip

Crayon colors

Through the woods

As we tried

To play pretend

And imagine

A landscape

Of fire

Rust tastes like

Sweet cinnamon

In my mouth

And I think I am begging for


I’ll never say more than whats


Gifts small


Made by

Small hands

Some where in Indonesia

Or thailand

Presents for love

Or death

And you think

There is nothing left

For you to discover

But I never say more

Than whats needed

Heart box

I tried to put

My feelings in a box

A big box

Filled with paper

And ribbons

It fit all so nicely


Suddenly it


All the things I thought

I contained

Burst from

The four walls

Like a surprise birthday

Nothing fit anymore

In the heart box I made

Nothing could contain

All the heart that

You gave

So I picked up my


And started anew

To make a heart box

That fit

Both me and you

Woah, its only tuesday

I walked away


The ship wrecked


I gave myself

I said

“Look its not worth your time”

Everyone else

Seems to have it together

And I am always taking a break

So its a paradox

Wanting a full heart

But ripping it from my chest

Its a double edged sword

Those words stated kindly and



Me to believe

It was a far away island

I ran

Too far

From the shore line

Assurance is better than


Love and drugs

Giving breath to sin

Desires so intoxicating

I’m drunk

But not the happy kind

The drunk that wrecks your life

Now a washed up sailor

Who never learned how to swim

Giving, re-living

And I just thought

I was doing okay

Keeping afloat

Never mind the sharks circling


You aren’t my savior

I’m not yours

But lets touch fingers

In hopes of claiming some


That we both deserve.

Holy words

You know the plans I have for you

Plans to prosper you

Plans to keep you whole

The world says you are empty

But you are full

Full of light that continues

From Me

Do not be afraid

For I am with you

My arms they comfort you

My watchmen

Wait for my command

And as I call

My loved ones into my city

The gates are open and wide

Free to pass under

Give thanks

For Goodness

Shall follow me

All the days of my life

And the House of the Lord

Shall dwell