I am feeling dissatisfied with my

Current position in life

I am happy right now

But I feel as though

I have not broken through the


I want to stretch my arms

And push

Push out of the place

I am currently sitting

Dissatisfied is the wrong word


Restless to go



Take my own life

Make something for myself

I am running inside my own mind

Instead of running around the world

I want to

Do things

Like truly


And hit

And run


I want to

Create things

And film

Paint and


My life to its fullest

Art my way through

A real


This tireless wanting

Hunger to be more


It had infected me

And taken grip of my heart

The real sickness

Is never acting upon




I stayed awake.

Eyes blood red

Knowing that work needed to be finished

But I watched movies instead

It was dark deep and cold

The wind howled around

And I didn’t really care

that i never heard a sound

The freezing rain and the picture screen

It didn’t seem

To bother me

That this night was endless


Painting Love

A moment before, I caught a glimpse of you smiling. It was quite wonderful, if I must say so myself. There was an easiness to your expression. But I don’t see that all the time so it was relieving to see your happiness peak through. Your eyes do shine brighter when the sun comes up. It is true that the flowers turn toward your as you pass. Maybe it is only in my fantasies, but you create remarkable works that I just know historians will write about you. I see those days when you don’t feel yourself and I must say that it is ok to show all your colors. For each color gives me a better picture of your soul. I’ve painted a pretty good picture so far but let me closer for I wish and long to paint more.