Blue Sky Tag

I have been graciously nominated by poetry2473 to participate in the Blue Sky tag! I am so blessed to considered because I don’t normally write traditional blog posts. Thank you friend! I wanted to write longer answers because I felt inclined to do so, for those tagged feel free to be brief!

The Rules:

  1. Give 11 questions.
  2. Tag 11 people.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Don’t forget to thank the person who tagged you.

Questions Answered:

  1. When is your favorite time of year?
    • Truly, I love all the seasons, especially the change of seasons. The changing of the weather is much more enjoyable to me than the middle of winter or summer. But when push comes to shove, I love winter. I love the cold. The blistery wind. Even the gloomy cloudy days. This time of year allows for lots of retrospection, and I love that.
  2. When was your first love?
    • So personal! I will answer when my first ‘romantic’ love fell upon me. Because I believe my first love was my mother but it was a familial love. My first love was when I was around 13 or 14. I remember being so affected by this person’s presence that I couldn’t think straight when they were around. But I was quite shy and too shy and too young to make anything of those feelings. This person haunted me for a while but now they are gone from my dreams.
  3. Favorite blog?
  4. What drives you to continue in life?
    • It is a hope that I am part of a great story. With this hope, I want to keep going to bring kindness and joy to each person.
  5. What made you start blogging?
    • I have never thought of myself as an artist or poet. But I really wanted to share my thoughts. Blogging allows me a bit of anonymity that I wanted while producing works. Each time I start again, I remember how writing helps me translate my thoughts and understand how to maneuver through this world.
  6. One thing you would change about the world?
    • If I could change one thing… ( I know I should answer hate or death or something like that…) I would change the range of colors that we can see. I wish we could see infrared and ultraviolet. We only experience a small selection of color!
  7. Favorite book?
    • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. It is a mystery novel that should become a classic. Mind mindbogglingly clever
  8. Favorite artist?
    • I am a sucker for those Impressionist painters so Monet it is.
  9. One place you want to visit?
    • I would love to visit Japan. Not only have I dedicated a large portion of my life to the enjoyment of Japanese anime; I believe the history and culture of this country are very rich. I would like to see all of it in person. Those internet pictures are not enough.
  10. Favorite TV show?
    • The answer to this question heavily depend when you ask me. Right now, I would say my favorite TV show is The Great British Bake Off. I bring it up at least once a day, so it must be important to my soul.
  11. What is the most meaningful item you possess and why?
    • I really don’t possess very ‘meaningful’ things. But the one thing I own that I do treasure are my books. My books are very special to me, each one of them. And the memories and stories they contain are (to use the original description) quite meaningful to me.

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Questions to those tagged Above:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. Would you rather live in a city or the country?
  3. What is the farthest distance you have traveled?
  4. Do you consider yourself an optimist?
  5. What is your favourite song?
  6. Do you think it is important to hold your breath underwater?
  7. Where would you like to travel?
  8. Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?
  9. Do you have a pet?
  10. Who is your favourite comedian?
  11. What would you do during a zombie apocalypse?


Yuck, I am sick
The physical is undeniably unpleasant
My mind wanders to somewhere far away
As I blow my nose for the millionth time
Wanting to dress like a queen
But holding tight to my teddy
As I sneeze

The Place with Books

The library has always been a magical place for me. Not in a stereotypical way for I would not want to be typical. The library is full of stories full of lives written. None of them are lost to time but instead kept neatly lined on shelves. The ordered way about the place lends my heart to be content in the space. I love how I can find almost anything I want all on my own. I love the quiet, busy nature of the space, bustling with muffled noise. The library seems like a safe haven in the midst of our busy lives. It is a place with books rather than just a space. Knowledge and adventure await the eager reader. Even the traveler wants to spend a lifetime here.

A Bit of Sunshine

Yesterday, where I live, there was a huge storm. It down poured with rain. The winds blew so hard it picked up things and smashed in windshields. A hormonal teenager, really. Darkness hovered over everything while the rains spat down on us. It felt like a temper-tantrum. But then, you know, after going to sleep. I wasn’t sure what to expect the next morning. More outbursts? More hormones?

Happily, instead I was graced with a little bit of sunshine. This light, these rays shone through me the rest of the day. And a I wore a smile on my face not because I thought it was trendy but because it finally reflected my heart.

Those Likes

So yesterday, I waited.

I waited around for people to like my blog post. I waited for my little bell to have an orange dot, signifying my worth in this world. I sat there staring at my computer for about 10 minutes. It was through this dull staring with my eyes glazed over that I realized I have a serious problem. I was sitting there and waiting for people to make me feel better about myself. I wanted to know that someone somewhere liked what I had said. Through the staring, I realized how ridiculous I was. Sad really. Somehow my blog posts sat at the forefront of my personal meaning. I stared blankly at my posts some more. I stared to jeer at my inner self. Really?!? I am pathetic, waiting for some random person to satisfy my desire to feel included. All I wanted was one like, was that too much to ask?

Yes, yes it was because no reader has any obligation to the author. There is no mutual understanding of readers delight and then authors praise. So I sat there, staring at my computer waiting for something to happen when in reality I needed to write more and read even more. I need to pull myself away from those categories of worth and inclusion. Regardless of what people think, I need to write.

I am very foolish. A very silly girl. Typing away. Hoping to gain drastic popularity.

Those likes will be the end of me.

My Dreamscape

As I lay down each night, my mind drift into dreams. I am captivated by my own imagination. I find myself in a beautiful forest. Trees shading the path before me. I even feel the soft breeze brush my face. I blink and my mind has brought me to another place. I am at a train station trying to go somewhere. My friend is right beside me and I am happy that I have a traveling companion. She and I are anxious to not  miss our train. With our tickets in hand, we board the light rain and it zooms off from the station. I blink again and I am brought to a familiar place but it still seems a bit unrecognizable. A gentleman reaches out his hand and asks for a dance. I swing and twirl and laugh. I am so happy. Happy as can be. Who will wake me from this sweet eternal bliss?


I rose this morning with a song in my step. I was happier than usually. For once, I was not dwelling on my own internal dialogue. I was celebrating someone else’s existence. Yes, it’s just a small gift and it might not mean much. But it resembles me looking out from myself. Noting others reality and being happy that they are part of mine. The gift wrapping crinkles in my hand and my heart pounds in expectation. I hand over the gift excited to be part of this moment. I am happy to be apart from my own thoughts and desires. This other person. This other life. Today is set apart just for them.

An Off Week

I thought that I would take a week off to re-evaluate where my mind is at.

But instead I lived in greater fear of the tomorrow and only dwelt on the past.

I think that I was made to continue creating.

Without it, I feel dead inside.

My mind flittered and fluttered and I was never able to write anything down.

Even my drawing became robotic and my words sounded like metal.

My heart didn’t beat but kept churning out blood for me.

It really was an off week.

Driving in the Car

As I move from point A to point B, I can’t help but use a car. It is so convenient and why not dazzle myself with modern marvels? But back to the traveling, I get into the car and turn the key. The engine roars more like a fire rather than a lion and I am off! As I sit in the car my mind wanders from subject to subject. Maybe I even start to talk to myself. I say a long prayer for there is no one else to talk to but God. Then I start to sing. With no audience and no listeners, I am content to blast the music and belt from my lungs. A wonderful freedom while driving by myself. The loneliness merely spurs on my confidence as I continue to hum a melody. Traveling alone gives me space and time to be me. In the turn of the roads and the stopping of the lights, the rhythm lulls me into mediation and dreamy thoughts. I enjoy traveling and driving with just myself. It was a special treat only for me to enjoy.

Morning Rise

The morning draws upon the night. Pushing the night out of the scene and becoming the main actor. First the morning sings a song. Tweets and twitters, a car passing by. A soft melody that graces my ears. Slowly, the song becomes filled with sounds of waking life. More birds, more people. The morning brings out its fully glory with the sun. The sun warms the grass and the petals of the tulips. It increases its shine on the sleepy eyed deer. The morning gives us a song and a light that we cannot resist. My body is eager to stretch and move. The morning beckons me from my slumber and I must rise. I anticipated a sting but rather the morning graces me with soft touches of sound and light. Smiles are my melody and sunshine is my harmony as I dress for the day.