Same Word

"Clarence, I am thinking of a word that rhymes with memory..." Sharon leaned closer to the table. Clarence thoughtfully pondered the clue. "Darling, could you give me a bit more? How is it used in a sentence?" Sharon tilted her head to the side. She was thinking. "Sharon?" Clarence nudged again. He noticed how Sharon … Continue reading Same Word


"Do you think that a star could ever land on earth?" Solace asked, looking up at the sky. "Don't be ridiculous." Sylvia said as she rolled over in the grass. "Stars don't fall, only asteroids do and they're just rocks." She leaned upright with her elbows as she looked back at Solace. His golden-brown eyes were staring … Continue reading Stars

Sherlock and Claire (a work in progress)

For the 3rd week in the Writer's Workshop, we were challenged to rewrite the first sentence of our story to create more tension. This actually lead me to change up the beginning of my story entirely. (for the better, I think). Here was the original: “Halloooo?!! Claire!!??” Sherlock bounded up the stairs of Claire’s house … Continue reading Sherlock and Claire (a work in progress)