Just me?

Who else daydreams

During a conversation?

Who else believes fairies

Are just around the corner?

I spent all my money on collecting

All the toys found in

Cereal boxes

I spent all my time

Memorizing all the lyrics

To a nursery rhyme

Who else thinks the world

Has secret passage ways?

Who else dreams of

Sunshine and peonies?

Its just me

And you

I think

Lets continue

And never






School days 

Life as a child

Thru their eyes…

I ran outside today

Fought foes only I could see

On the playground

Ran so fast

You could never catch me

I wrote my name today

It was hard but I still did it

The rules to the game changed 

And I called pause

So please wait

I think everyone is smart and funny

But running is the true scale of greatness

Lets read another story

About the giant peach

Okay my way is the right way

Okay my way is the right way

Okay my way is the right way


I’ll listen

Little World

Her Little world
All made of glass
Not clay
Not brick
Not stone
Her little world
All made of glass
Where she named the fairies
And the dolphins sang
It was a simple world where imagination came to life
I saw this world
Her little world
All made of glass
She gave me a glimpse into her world
A treasure untold
I must keep her world from breaking
For it is only made of glass