Holy words

You know the plans I have for you

Plans to prosper you

Plans to keep you whole

The world says you are empty

But you are full

Full of light that continues

From Me

Do not be afraid

For I am with you

My arms they comfort you

My watchmen

Wait for my command

And as I call

My loved ones into my city

The gates are open and wide

Free to pass under

Give thanks

For Goodness

Shall follow me

All the days of my life

And the House of the Lord

Shall dwell




In the beginning

Was the Word

And the Word

Spoke a Word

And there was Light

And the Word gave Light

A place at their side

And the word spoke

A second time

And there was Love

Love sat on the left



And Love

Filled the heavens

And surrounded eachother

Then the Word

Light and Love

Spoke once more

And there was



I’d never thought of prayer

As an act of friendship

Or a sign of deep care

And love

But now I realize

How it points my

Heart to the right


And that is more caring

Than questions

Or flowers

I prayed to the

God of the universe

(Cause I have an in with Him)

Not really

But I do care about you

And have no way of telling you

So I pray for your saftey

And I pray you have wisdom

We still don’t know

Each other

Very well

So I am hesitant

To call you

Or write you a letter

God answered and said you are


For he heard me whisper

I know He thinks of my every need

And understands my anxieties.

I pray for you

When I think of you

Which happens more often than it


And I hope you will fare better soon

Wait Love

I will wait. 

Keep my ship in the harbor,

Tie down the sails

For you.

It’s not about supressing 

Inner turmoil or light

But rather keeping it hidden

Until you arrive.

I will not waste my time with 

Other lovers.

Chaff in a dust wind bowl.

Instead I will keep watch for your arrival

At my doorstep;

It may seem uncanny

Or foreign 

In the forecast of todays temperature 

For love.

But I vow to stay patient and learn 

To love myself

While you travel to reach me.

Both of us are wanderes

Unsure of our destination

But at one juncture we will meet

And then we will travel together.

It is far from what others want

But this is what I want.

I will wait for you my love

And when we finally see each other’s

Sweet tears

I will be willing to go the distance 

With you by my side.