My mind thought about you all night

even though

I didn’t taste anything

no sweet kisses or

peach hugs

for my belly

deep inside of me

I wandered around

thinking you would finally appear

but the dream never did shape up

to anything but

a cozy snuggle with my cat

I thought it would be fun to romanticize and fantasize

about how your beard would feel against my smooth cheek

and wouldn’t it be perfect if

the puzzles fit together


like our hands


but only in my dream


Reality of a Blogger

Wakes up

Sleepy eyes

Drooled crust on my lips

Brush my hair

With my hands

Down a gallon of coffee

To jump start my senses

Rhythms start playing out in my head

Turn on the computer

To rattle the keys

To the beat of my caffeine rush

Stare at the words

Stare at the words

Leave for a break

But never return

Because you picked up a

Super good book

Look at the time

The day is finally done

Remeber how you wanted to write a


Forget to press “publish”

And hit the pillow

With an effortless


That knocks you out into

Discreet obscurity

To live your life

On a make believe



Another dream

came upon

my soul

In the middle of the night

Or was it morning?

I saw myself

Sitting in a room

Was I there?

Or was I watching?

Dreams are hard to comprehend

Then I saw my first love

He brought out pictures that I drew

of him

He realized that I was

In love with him

I was not embarrassed but rather told him the truth

“Yes, I was in love with you”

Comfortable we were but

I blinked and my dream ended

I never drew any pictures

those were figments of imagination

to love

But I was infatuated

those were figments of reality

Now I am left confused

Why did my past love visit me in my dreams?

My dreams can predict the future

That much is true


Why did my past love visit me in my dreams?

Dreams are hard to understand



Good morning Dear

I wished for you 

To be carried back to me

By the senses of the early morning

Each night you sleep

Your mind and spirit leave me all alone

Waiting for your return

I am afraid one night

Will last too long

Abd you will no longer be brought back 

Your eyes and peaceful face

Wherin lies the insipration for your contentment?

Love,  sing to me with yawns

Stretch your arms into me

Invade my morning and make the sunrise

As you wipe your eyes

May I stay near the warmth of

your good morning 

Dreams are better shared than saving 

For a rainy day

Tell me your thoughts as I drift to sleep

And I promise to wake

Just as you did for me

Consider the 

Consider the flowers in the field

They have names that only the fairies utter

Soft whispers to bring bloom upon the sunrise skies

For they are elagant watchers

Holding onto the beauty of the morning until evening

And each time I see these tall smiles filled with light colors of dew

I wonder how I have not noticed these queens before

The fairies laugh and sing as the walk takes me farther into the forest

I may be lost but there can only be hope in my heart

When surrounded by such.

Why “Wildest Dreams” Shouldn’t be your only Dream

A few days back, Taylor Swift released her music video for “Wildest Dreams”. This video shows a love story between two movie stars, Taylor playing the female lead. Now this video and the song are a speaking about having love in the moment. The couple kisses sweetly, passionately and then the video ends with both of them seemingly longing for another kiss. Nothing about the video seems amiss on the surface. Just a simple romantic story told through Taylor’s song with a romantic video.

But we must take a closer look.

This music video is showing the production of a movie shot in somewhere Africa. It contains a white only cast in late 19th century clothing. One can only surmise that the directors are making a reference to the movies made at that time. If you are unfamiliar with the time period and the nature of these movies, then you might miss the undertones of the imagery used. The movies produced in different parts of Africa during the colonial oppression where highly racist and sexist and completely misrepresented people living on the continent of Africa. They featured a strong white male protagonist who would have to fight the ‘savages’ or the natives of the land. On the way, he would rescue a white damsel in distress and together they would brave the ‘wild’ world called Africa.

Whether or not the video production team realized the implications of the imagery, they are there nonetheless. This video is not merely a sweet romance story, but a continuation of the misrepresentation of Africa that we have seen over the centuries. As stated before, everyone in the video is white. There is literally no representation of someone who actually lived in Africa. Secondly, we see a generalization of the African continent. Although pertaining to the story, only shots of animals that live in the savanna areas were shown. This romantic notion of ‘wild’ Africa perpetuates incorrect assumptions that western peoples have about Africa.

Africa is an entire continent with thousands of different cultures, even more languages and even more traditions and lifestyles. Why don’t we give the African continent the respect it deserves and show some DIVERSITY.

For me, the fact that this imagery is the background to a love story further emphasizes the romantic view people can have of the past. Colonial movies were not romantic. They were oppressive propaganda that affected a whole cultural perspective. Wild animals are not just beautiful scenery. They are part of the ecosystem were fellow humans live.

Some people may argue that I should not be so critical of just one music video. That there is plenty of stuff on the media that misrepresents something even worse. I concur that the media always seems to perpetuate stereotypes but this should not be a pass for the media to never be criticized. I believe that if media is going to be changed people have to start calling out the things that are perpetuating misconceptions.  I believe that every person has the responsibility to make steps toward ending historical misconceptions.Taylor Swift and her production team are no exception. Anytime someone contributes to the media it is their duty to understand the meaning and associations behind their content.

That age old saying of “Everybody’s a critique” can sometimes be said negatively. Honestly, I think it is not only a positive thing but a necessary step in combating misconceptions and oppression.

My Dreamscape

As I lay down each night, my mind drift into dreams. I am captivated by my own imagination. I find myself in a beautiful forest. Trees shading the path before me. I even feel the soft breeze brush my face. I blink and my mind has brought me to another place. I am at a train station trying to go somewhere. My friend is right beside me and I am happy that I have a traveling companion. She and I are anxious to not  miss our train. With our tickets in hand, we board the light rain and it zooms off from the station. I blink again and I am brought to a familiar place but it still seems a bit unrecognizable. A gentleman reaches out his hand and asks for a dance. I swing and twirl and laugh. I am so happy. Happy as can be. Who will wake me from this sweet eternal bliss?