I’ll let you in

On a little secret

I had a dream about a


And I think I’ve

Become so infatuated

That my fake talks

Are better than the real


I’ve become so mad that

I will dream even when

I am awake

Sometimes these

Dreams are freeing

But now they have become a prison

Jailed inside my head

Help me



I will sing my song to

the earth

in the morning

dew hits my lips

as I move my hands


an eye sees the

soft pale colors of dawn

on your skin

and I sing.

it was the breath of air

the hum of your sigh

that gave my heart a tune

it captured my thoughts

more than you know

did you hear?

can you listen,

even in your dreams?

away with the night-time rider

dear lover,

the morning

breaks and

my song radiates

from my chest.

rise to the hum and feel

the vibrations through me

knowing each note

reflects your soft

sweet scent

on my pillow

kisses and cherry blossoms

of the spring time

never cease to arrive

as you slowly open your eyes.

behold the morning

and my

easy gaze

wishing we could

live forever in the morning

moments and

the fire would never burn away

your sleepy smile.


It seems that only in my dreams

Do we talk for hours

Before falling asleep

In eachothers arms

The hold

You have

On my minds desires

Slowly simmers


My stone cold heart

I wish more things about the

Present reflected my

Dreams of the future

Like washed towles and

A clean bedroom

But I have become satisfied

With waiting until

I see your bright warm cheeks

Swelling in laughter

My oh my

Can my dreams

Last a little longer?

Night mare


I thought

And lifted hopes

From a small locket

Wrapped around my heart


My nightmares

Turned from dark and


To light and


The locket opened

With a push to the latch

Inside colors

Burst forth

Reds and blues

And many hues

That contained all my longings

And desires

I thought


My nightmare had stopped

But maybe it is the



I had a dream

Where a man came in 

And cut my fingers

Not my hair

He said

You must loose a hand too

I woke up in a daze 

Confused at the ways

My mind had played tricks on me 

But I still wondered

What the dream could have meant

For why else would I have dreamed it 

So suddenly?


She wished for a love
a lust
that would drive her farther from herself.
She thought that a protector is what she needed
but she didn’t realize that no one could save her from herself.
She needed to do it.
Those loves and those dreams
where merely past times
to create a sense of security within herself.
A feeling of bliss
while her real world sank.
She woke up today;
she saw how she was hurting herself.
So then
she started to write;
putting words together
forming sentences of her true fears.
For when she wrote down her terrors
they stopped materializing as ferocious thoughts.
She was able to decipher her own imagination and put down building blocks to a healthier future.
This act of inscribing meaning allowed the power of control
to be in her words,
her thoughts,
and her destiny.
She looked at life with a happier charm and decided that her dreams could still be accomplished.
She did not need daydreams to make her forget;
Instead she remembered and strove to create even more
with her new found determination.

The Bridge

I came to the edge of the road. A bridge expanded from my feet. Vast it was with beams and ropes. I thought about crossing that bridge. My bridge. For it was made by my imagination. I wanted to take a new journey across dangerous waters. No help of a lover or friend. Rather the bridge was mine and my own journey to cross it. I took a step and the wood planks faded underneath my feet. To my surprise I did not start falling but kept walking. Forward as I walked, the path disappeared. The bridge would leave just as I arrived. Over the brewing waters, I continued to cross until I could see the other side. On the shore of another land, I could see colors of green and even greener. Although I had felt lost before, I knew that soon I would arrive home.


I fade into the background as I try and win over your countenance. It is a glance and nothing more. I realized that I dreamed about you. But why? Is my only motive physical? There I stood, going along my day, hoping to catch maybe just a smile. I heard that you called someone else wonderful and my heart sank. The background became my foreground and I didn’t know how to get out of the painting. It seems my shyness had kept me from discovering more of you. Or maybe it has kept you from seeing me. Do not cast a gaze deeper because I’m not sure what’s underneath my surface. My heart still tries to love you from afar. In my own way, I have you labeled as my own as we walked by each-other today. The backdrop to your universe, I try to sit still so you won’t notice me. I noticed you noticing and I tried to become a blur. Please do not take offense to me for I have not decided who you are to me. I am afraid of what you might become, someone to love.