It snuck up on me

Like it always does

Rats scurring in drainage pipes

I felt afraid to look ahead

But paralyzed to move backward
It wasnt as simple as

People make it seem

The darkness

The sweet sweet darkness of it

Makes me wish

I was dead too

Then I am there

In the sewers

Even before I knew

Like a lock with a key

I am opened by memories

Filled with thoughts 

That pervade my


And my love

My love

My love

You sing to me

Soft words

Raising up prayers in my defense

You sing me to sleep 

Lay in my arms

You chide

I must

For you have captivated me

I forget the dark dungeon

And see a

New dawn

My love

My love

My love

Wont you sing to me?



I am

I am distressed

I am distressed to see you

I am distressed to see you distressed 

You are the morning to my day and

 the evening to my night

I am 

I am influx

I am influx when you see me

I am influx when you see me distressed

Moody answers and quiet thoughts

Revolve around not giving away the 

Incense love I have for you

I am

I am traversing

I am traversing dangerous terrain

When I explore my feeling of devotion

Toward you

I am 

I am feeling

I am feeling distressed 

Feeling distressed 

For my heart is more twisted than

I can bear

My Mirror

Am I actively trading places

With my friends experiences

So that I

Do not have to live out

My own?

Is the question too harsh?

Or does it reveal the real crutch

I have been trying to hide

The sun will come out tomorrow

A little girl sang

In a made up place

How am I supposed to see this as helpful?

Those stories are tales so tall

You wonder why no one has cut them


Do I hide behind my mirror so you must

Gaze only at your reflection?

Honesty is the best policy

But I must test and see if you are true

Before staring at myself

Be kind to this poor traveler

For she has lost her way

In the sedentary life

She has grown accustomed to live.


I felt as though I must spread the word

the words left my lips in a tune

that I couldn’t really explain

I felt as though there were a greater purpose that just the song

I must convey my feeling of loss

my feeling of leaving

Then I shared this with my friends and family

I was surprised that they understood my words

but it was better than not saying anything at all

speaking and singing rather than

withering and wilting