Promptober Day 1: Peasant

“With feeling!” 

Madam Brown shouted again at the town choir. We all tried our hardest to sing the last chord “with feeling”. As practice ended for the afternoon, I grabbed Kelly’s hand and headed for the town square. We both had volunteered to sing for the Midsummer festival not realizing Madame Brown would be so taxing. 

I turned to Kelly, “Brown is really quite a handful.” 

Kelly smiled, “I think we all sound pretty good all things considered.”

I laughed, “Oh, you mean you don’t mind Sir Charles’s voice?”

We both giggled as we passed around the town fountain and different shops. Everyone was bustling around making preparations for the festival. Bright colored banners and new items in shop windows. A waft of baking bread hit our noses and filled our lungs. We simultaneously said,


Laughing, we went up to the bakers storefront. From the open window, we could see the baker, his wife and three sons working hard. The baker noticed us goggling in the window.

“What can I get fer ya today, ladies?” 

Kelly and I looked at eachother sheepishly. Neither of us had any money. I started to form an excuse, turning the words over in my head.

“What? Yer here to taste test our new Midsummer bread?” the baker asked knowingly.

Kelly nodded “Yes sir, just only if it isn’t imposing.”

“Never, for pretty peasant girls like yourselves.” The baker said warmly.

He handed us two small loaves that fit in the palm of our hands. It was a circular loaf with a daisy flower decoration baked into the crust. We both bit into the bread.

“Yummm!” We cried in unison.

For the bread was filled with sweet strawberry jam. The baker laughed,

“You two are peas in a pod.” Kelly and I giggled. 

“Thank you ever so much sir Baker!” I said.

We turned from the shop and excitedly talked about the Midsummer festival.

“I can’t wait to sing,” Kelly said.

“With feeling!” I shouted, imitating Madame Brown.

We both doubled over laughing even more than before as we made our way home together.

I am following along with Bethany Bloggs‘s prompt list! You can find the full list here: Be sure to let me know if you are also following the prompts! I would love to read your inspired pieces. Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash


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