Consider theĀ 

Consider the flowers in the field

They have names that only the fairies utter

Soft whispers to bring bloom upon the sunrise skies

For they are elagant watchers

Holding onto the beauty of the morning until evening

And each time I see these tall smiles filled with light colors of dew

I wonder how I have not noticed these queens before

The fairies laugh and sing as the walk takes me farther into the forest

I may be lost but there can only be hope in my heart

When surrounded by such.


A New

She ran and skipped and jumped

in the wide open space

in a field of flowers

she found the one place of


breeze shuttering

the long stems and petals

twirling around those free colorful fairies

her hair moved with the wind

made it look like she was



a nymph settled in her own world


I believe myself to be infatuated

with a face

and some legs

on these things a soul rests

but I seem to only enjoy the


He is a beautiful being

and beauty he wears

like a flower unadorned

and I wonder

and I wonder

and I wonder

I keep thinking about

when he will say hello

or when he will talk to me

but I am cold hearted

but nevermind