I didnt say hello

How are you

For many months now

It seems your face has been 

Lost to memory

Where are you

Where am I

Too late I tried to save 

The remaining assemblage of a 


Who are you 

Who am I

I apologize for how I have neglected you

I dont really know how to be friends

Because it is hard

To care for everyone

I have built up walls around


Because I do not want to risk

Getting hurt

Or missing you

I am sorry

That I function 

Like a fourth grader

Pretending to be an adult

It feels as though I have lacked

In my scale

That I arbitrarily assigned to myself

I have judged myself harshly

Because I want to make sure the standard

I set is met so that

I can accept

That maybe


We are 



Far Away

I talked to my friend

Who is faraway

We still hold eachother close

Even if we are faraway

I laughed with my friend

Cried with my friend

But they were faraway

When will you return

To the land that gave you fire?

When will you fly home,

To the land that gave you wings

Faraway my dear

Are your dreams.


I woke from my dreams

With feeling of blank complacency 

I wondered why my best friend was so far 


We share friendship and care even miles 


I whisper prayers for her saftey

I hope her boat will stay steady

I thank God for her experience

But how can you be jealous of her joy?

I am happy to give her a homecoming 

Knowing that the shock of being 


Will be hard to bear

I pray for transition

Knowing that friendship will allow 

Me to call my friend everyday

And smile and laugh

Face to face