My friendship with you

Is something sweet

We talk about life and 


Justice and God

Our thoughts are free

And I am more thankful than


I read in my diary

A plea for a friendship

Real and deep

And I think I have been blessed

You have been changed by the spirit

And I have been changed by patience 

I pray our lives remain


And that we do not 

Drift apart

From the Lord 

We love



It is a hard thing?

To make a friend?

In a day and age where likes and emojis

clutter up my words and thoughts and feelings

Lets be friends,

I want to say

But instead I friend requested you

Lets be real

I wanted to say

But instead I posted a selfie

Lets agree to hold each other close

when life’s storms will to tear us apart

I promise not to leave you mere messages

lazy slime and gook

I will build us a chariot of fire

so our friendship will ignite

and we will take to world

laughing up a storm.


Wonderful day

breakfast with champions.

Eating with friends

Is like a warm cup of hot chocolate

everything you want in the moment

sharing memories

exchanging laughter

and I think “Wow I am blessed.”

It is moments like these that keep me


rowing through the waters of time

I am thankful

happy even?

Surrounded in memories that keep my heart thriving