End of the World

Its pretty frantic

Out there

Pretty scary

And wild

Shooters and typhoons

Thinking the world is

Just a game of chess

I am a knight

But my armour lacks

Some shine

Rather its my character that will

Save me from the fights

The brawls of fists and iron

Teeth smashed

And i wonder why

People think the world is ending

But isnt it always?

So close to a precipise that

You forget life could be any different

Be still

He said

And that stillness is the only

Thing radically different

That it gives my soul




From when cometh my help?

For hither I ran

Into the shadow

Of death

And there

I was smothered

By a growing presence

From whence cometh my help?

The Lord promised me in battle

There would be no fear

And now I stand knees knocking

At the slightest whisper

Cometh and bring down


With a magestic roar

That encourages

My knocking knees

To stand firm

In holiness


In the beginning

Was the Word

And the Word

Spoke a Word

And there was Light

And the Word gave Light

A place at their side

And the word spoke

A second time

And there was Love

Love sat on the left



And Love

Filled the heavens

And surrounded eachother

Then the Word

Light and Love

Spoke once more

And there was



I’d never thought of prayer

As an act of friendship

Or a sign of deep care

And love

But now I realize

How it points my

Heart to the right


And that is more caring

Than questions

Or flowers

I prayed to the

God of the universe

(Cause I have an in with Him)

Not really

But I do care about you

And have no way of telling you

So I pray for your saftey

And I pray you have wisdom

We still don’t know

Each other

Very well

So I am hesitant

To call you

Or write you a letter

God answered and said you are


For he heard me whisper

I know He thinks of my every need

And understands my anxieties.

I pray for you

When I think of you

Which happens more often than it


And I hope you will fare better soon


My friendship with you

Is something sweet

We talk about life and 


Justice and God

Our thoughts are free

And I am more thankful than


I read in my diary

A plea for a friendship

Real and deep

And I think I have been blessed

You have been changed by the spirit

And I have been changed by patience 

I pray our lives remain


And that we do not 

Drift apart

From the Lord 

We love

Meal time

Can I pray in this sanctuary?

Filled with buttered bread and eggs

Toasty smells 

Lick my nose

And I wonder how long the preacher will 


For I talk to God

Even in the quiet hours of the day

I do not need a meal to make

A show

Of prayer

Finally I hear


And my gut rumbles with


Thank you for the food

I whisper to myself

As the spoon makes its way to my lips



Cascading synapes

Over my heart belly

Thank you for sensation

I whisper to myself

As my mouths fills and swallows

A meal complete

Big Man

Where is my Big Man?

Who gives to the poor

He is not afraid to show strength

Through humility

Generously handing out grace.

Where is my Big Man?

Who treats injustice with fury

He does not stand for oppressing the weak

Or giving the strong more armour

There is an evenness in his voice

That allows the listener to feel important

Where is my Big Man?

Who is not afraid to grant everything away

His wealth is in his poverty

And we see how generosity has become 

His agenda

The weak are comforted and the strong are

Given opportunity to serve

Where is my Big Man? 

Is he a shadow of a dream?

The polititions of today 

Leave a sour taste in my mouth

I desire a Big Man with a heart of grace

Centered on charity

Giving to each person. 

Where is my Big Man?

Who chooses wise council and 

Wiser still is the silence he takes

Words are both sword and shield

But my Big Man knows when to strike.

He keeps his arsenal empty 

For there is no reason to fight.

Instead peace is the path he chooses to 

Rule by.

Where is my Big Man?

Who battles hate with love

And oppression with justice

Hunger with food

Sorrow with hope.

Men in history have called themselves

Big Men

Men in the future will call themselves

Big Men

But none can compare to the Big Man

That I know

His name is Adonai

A Doll love

Figurines and

Glass dolls 

Shatter against

Your unmoving spirit

I have thrown

So many things at you

That I thought would pierce your heart

I cannot tell if you are


Or madly in love

But both give me shivers down my spine

Sending bumps across my arms

And I reach to warm them

You can tell I have no arrows in my quiver 

And slowly lean foward to pick up the smashed porcelain 

Will you look me in the eye if I called you a name once more?

Why do you show me such compassion

That it does not resemble pity

Time heals many wounds

And I have too many to count

When you sofly say my name 

The angered lion leaves my spirit 

And my clouded eyes start to see everything that has been done

I want to cry but instead hold on to your hand

You do not push my senses further and 

I am able to breathe

Your love for me speaks louder than the screams

And I have such a hope because

You take care of me