3 Kyokas

Roses are red, and

Violets are blue, truly

My heart is distraught

For will naming the colors

Help me find a husband soon?


Jack and Jill went up

a hill, I told them to “Scram!”

Jack fell down and lost 

His crown. Jill turned and cried out

“Down with the capitalists!”


Good morn! Miss Muffet

Do you have some porridge to 

Share? Wait! No, I see

That I’ve frightened you! But wait!

People call me Spider Man!

Kyoka is a satirical take on the haiku form. I submitted these for an online journal, but alas they did not get accepted. The nice thing is then I get to share them sooner! I had fun taking on the challenge of writing these little poems. My inspiration was to use old American nursery rhymes and change them up. I feel as though I could have explored this a bit further and created something truly magical. But sometimes it is nice to just write and not worry about editing your work. Lately, I have been trying to submit to online journals and collections. This is just one of my resolutions for this year! It has been fun to challenge myself and stretch my writing! Thanks so much, I hope that you enjoy these little poems.

Haiku 7

Favors and whispered

Agendas are not part of

My innocent heart

Getting weird vibes from people yesterday and I am confused as to the intention behind certain words and looks. I am an over analyzer so I can easily interpret words and action incorrectly. Photo by Luke Besley on Unsplash.

In other news, I have completed my haiku challenge! I am so happy to have this little collection of poems finished. My hope is to put together some sort of e-chapbook with original line drawings inspired by each piece. The goal would be to have this little chapbook finished by next week! I will keep you posted and let you know whats what! Thanks so much for following a long and enjoying these haikus!!

Haiku 5

It was our song, that

Made me sing and dance to the

Beat of a new life

A new life where I can sing and dance freely without a care in the world with someone who wants a new life too. It is just a wish of mine, not yet a reality. Photo by Taylor Ann Wright on Unsplash.

Haiku 3

Gasping for; breathing

We collide, the galaxy

Heat, energy, love


Honestly, I am really enjoying this haiku “challenge”. Its got me thinking about words in a different way. Also it has come to my attention that I am really bad a counting syllables, so basically every word I double check.

Haiku 1

Tomorrow will run

Today, I will breathe boldly

What will the past hold?


I am challenging myself to write a haiku each day this week. Its just a way for me to spin different creative gears in my head and try to spice things up a little. And who doesn’t like spice? (Dune reference anyone?) Also, let’s see if I can actually pay attention and count syllables properly. Photo by Kristian Seedorff on Unsplash.