A Funny Thing

Life can be a funny thing


When you’re sick in bed

that’s when you understand


liberty and

the pursuit of happiness

Some how

blowing your nose

ten million times

gives you the insight

into how the universe



I was pretty sick this past week, but had time to contemplate lifes existence. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.


There a good happy


In my life

And I took the time

To relish

Just the other day

A glimpse into the present

And I realized

I have more than a full


It was one of those thoughts

I thought I’d never think

One of those ideas

That I could never call my own

Yes I’ve grown

But I still feel grounded

Realizing that

My life


My home


Adding up all the places I’ve been

and I can fill a sheet of paper with words

But then I must subtract the ways

that I have been rude to you and other people

It seemed fun at first to sum up my life

in a short and Pythagorian way

then I stared at the paper too long

and my thoughts and feelings divided from the original fun

I realized that I was too young and too old all at once

I child living in a world that expected a certain amount of responsibility

I felt very lost as the integral of space between reality and fantasy grew larger and larger

There was no way to bridge the gap

even multiplying my happy thoughts did not suffice to stem the exponential growth

further and further my dreams left my mind ans I glanced at the paper

I subtracted happiness from money

and all that remained was a fantasy I knew was not real

Imaginary numbers consoled me along as I grasped to understand the equation of life

History taught me something too but I seemed only to heed the teacher in front of my eyes

I thought the story would end happy

that is what I told myself

so I ripped the paper into shreds and started fresh

and there I started to add up all the moments worth cherishing in my life

I left enough room to account for the variable that

my happiness you continue on