Home, love

I was a bit worried

when I still had no hand to


at an age

older than you

why is my life so carefree?

why am I not tied down?

I think I would like to have


to you

But an imagination can only take me

so far

Come home

so that we can live together

and our closeness

will blossom into

a full tree

where any stranger can find respite

in our





Far Away

I talked to my friend

Who is faraway

We still hold eachother close

Even if we are faraway

I laughed with my friend

Cried with my friend

But they were faraway

When will you return

To the land that gave you fire?

When will you fly home,

To the land that gave you wings

Faraway my dear

Are your dreams.


I woke from my dreams

With feeling of blank complacency 

I wondered why my best friend was so far 


We share friendship and care even miles 


I whisper prayers for her saftey

I hope her boat will stay steady

I thank God for her experience

But how can you be jealous of her joy?

I am happy to give her a homecoming 

Knowing that the shock of being 


Will be hard to bear

I pray for transition

Knowing that friendship will allow 

Me to call my friend everyday

And smile and laugh

Face to face


It was your homecoming

Sweet travels home

That brought out my inner child

Funny you should notice now

Because normally I wear a mask

Calling loved ones and saying hello

Brought back time and space memories

Only I remember 

The bumble bee on the doorway 

Lifting off before 

I called you over

Leaving here had been difficult

But returning is even harder

New spaces and old spaces

Jumbled together in a 

Mixed green salad sort of way

I wrote a poem for my lost homeland

But then I found it

Quite surprised by this fact

Now I need to remember 

Who I was





As I fell asleep, as he fell asleep, as we fall asleep, there I lie looking up at the ceiling. I am waiting to bring to mind all the reasons I love you. I have cataloged them in my heart but haven’t told you yet. I turn and hear your breath. Soft but continuous. Knowing I am safe and sound, I love us.