Good Morning, Self

Good morning

my love

sweet face

scratchy eyes

and button nose.

Good morning

my sweet,

yellow pale

morning rays

remind you

of all the innocene

the early day offers.

Good morning,

I say

as I look at my reflection

wondering about the girl

in the mirror.

she isn’t as tall as

I remember

but her smile



Good Morning,

I muster again

courageous to the

wind and

dreamy thoughts

that suddenly

fly away

as I remember

to brush my teeth.


self love

I have been inspired to write pieces this week that are inspired by the ideas of self love, self talk and self reflection. Maybe I should call it the “self series” ? What do you think? Regardless of the title, I have noticed that myself and others have been dealing with self identity and self talk issues. My dear friend, my dear reader and others have noted that they feel lacking in the area of self love. My goal is to uncover my own thoughts and feelings but also inspire others to speak kindly to themselves and discover how special they really are. -L Photo by Jo Jo on Unsplash.

Are you

Are you perhaps

My one true love?

Are you perchance

My prince?

It seems as though

You’ve gone from me

And I have started to wince

Are you perhaps

My loving mother? 

Are you perchance


Who carried me with her before

I knew her

And loved me every hour

Are you perhaps

My younger brother?

Are you perchance

A small sprite?

Laughing about cutting cheese

Is more important than working

I believe

Who are you?

Who are you?

Say your name once 

And I promise not to forget you

With the passing of this