Feeling new

As I watched the sun fall into the horizon

I didn’t mind

because then the stars started to shine

in the darkness I find myself

becoming excited for the future

Today I spent creating things

rather than worrying about myself

it became something fun

and by the end of the day I was smiling

now as I look up to the sky

I find those blinking lights smiling back too

I am feeling newer than light shining through

and I can’t want to keep creating until

my shirt  button pops with imagination



I have to laugh at myself


because I really think

I am gorgeous

Beauty queen

but graceful

This is how I picture myself

This is how I see myself

in the mirror

and I have to laugh at me

because I am not sure

my vision

is accurate.

Little World

Her Little world
All made of glass
Not clay
Not brick
Not stone
Her little world
All made of glass
Where she named the fairies
And the dolphins sang
It was a simple world where imagination came to life
I saw this world
Her little world
All made of glass
She gave me a glimpse into her world
A treasure untold
I must keep her world from breaking
For it is only made of glass