3 Kyokas

Roses are red, and

Violets are blue, truly

My heart is distraught

For will naming the colors

Help me find a husband soon?


Jack and Jill went up

a hill, I told them to “Scram!”

Jack fell down and lost 

His crown. Jill turned and cried out

“Down with the capitalists!”


Good morn! Miss Muffet

Do you have some porridge to 

Share? Wait! No, I see

That I’ve frightened you! But wait!

People call me Spider Man!

Kyoka is a satirical take on the haiku form. I submitted these for an online journal, but alas they did not get accepted. The nice thing is then I get to share them sooner! I had fun taking on the challenge of writing these little poems. My inspiration was to use old American nursery rhymes and change them up. I feel as though I could have explored this a bit further and created something truly magical. But sometimes it is nice to just write and not worry about editing your work. Lately, I have been trying to submit to online journals and collections. This is just one of my resolutions for this year! It has been fun to challenge myself and stretch my writing! Thanks so much, I hope that you enjoy these little poems.