Ships in the night

I followed my heart and

Told you

That I wanted to still be friends

And keep in touch

Lets see eachother again

I gave you a note

And said friendship

Can be real

Lets make sure

We don’t forget



Please do

Not dissapoint

I will be waiting

And once I return

I will reach out

Know I want our friendship to last

And for us to not be

Ships passing in the night

But I will not

Continue to

Your shore


So please

Reach out

And call my name

And I will answer



First things

First things first

You must love your

Neighbor as yourself

But how can I do

Such a thing when I do

Not love myself?

First things first

You must love yourself

As God loves you

And care for your mind and soul


The secrets of love

With become know

And multiply in your heart

You will love your neighbor

As yourself


He first loved


These things will

Become known to


First things first

Metal heart


Only metal

String to attach

My heart together

Sewn with tedious


It took me many years

To cover the patch

That had been left

Many metal strings

Breaking my fingernails

Bleeding tips to

Strain the needle

And thread through

So if I seem

Too harsh

Or not willing to budge

Its because my spirit is made of cold


I have built it up

To alleviate

Any pain

Or happy feelings

I don’t really hurt anymore

For the cost of protection

Is leaving behind


I confess

My heart

still beats

And murmurs

Though waking hours

Are not

As dazzling

Warm me

Coax me to the fire

In your eyes and


Melt away my steel string

And burn away

All of me

So I cease to exist

Without you

Again, love

I keep thinking that

I’m over your smile

And lovely locks

There I go


And oh

Your lovely lips

Forget I mentioned it

Forget I said something

Because then we’ll glance

And laugh

I’m not in love

But boy

You do bring a smile

To my eyes

And I don’t mind

Smiling with you

But I hope I did

Not dissapoint

Your advances

To the girls you actually want

To those you speak about

With me

I hope you understand

I can’t let myself

Become one of


Even with your wit

And oh

Your lovely lips

I must confess

You enchant me

But rather like a beautiful

Sculpture to

Gaze upon

Stone cold

Never to touch

Or the spell will be broken.

You will understand with


And I just laugh

Ever more at the idea of love.

Never asked

I never asked to have

A heart

So full

Of love




How can you say

There is something missing?

I never thought

It would be so eaay


Love again

Like my first birthday

I never had any control

Over it

When you glanced

Into my soul

I thought I did a better

Job hiding


But instead

You read my horoscope

And hit all the points of meaning

I never asked

For you to be

A major part of my heart

But now its happened

And I’m so content

Darling Its seems


Never say more

Its a clover

Three leafed

Never saying more than

Whats needed

Give me my own song

I’ll never sing more

Than whats needed



Finger tips

And a slushie moment

Of words

I’ll never say more than whats


You drip

Crayon colors

Through the woods

As we tried

To play pretend

And imagine

A landscape

Of fire

Rust tastes like

Sweet cinnamon

In my mouth

And I think I am begging for


I’ll never say more than whats


Gifts small


Made by

Small hands

Some where in Indonesia

Or thailand

Presents for love

Or death

And you think

There is nothing left

For you to discover

But I never say more

Than whats needed

Heart box

I tried to put

My feelings in a box

A big box

Filled with paper

And ribbons

It fit all so nicely


Suddenly it


All the things I thought

I contained

Burst from

The four walls

Like a surprise birthday

Nothing fit anymore

In the heart box I made

Nothing could contain

All the heart that

You gave

So I picked up my


And started anew

To make a heart box

That fit

Both me and you


My story does not end with

My past

Or my words

Remember the present



Of flower

Cakes and


All showing something

About my reflection

Craving touch and

Finding a lost boy

Is all that I wanted

Too much to ask?

Dreaming of an ever present


That I am far more

Bland than I appear to be

Maybe its a fear

Maybe you dont care

Please hesitate to ask me for

A pencil

Because I might fall in love with you

If you do

Wrapping my heart on a hope that

Beauty can be physical

And spiritual

I dont mind smiling too much

Because pain is too much to bear


I will sing my song to

the earth

in the morning

dew hits my lips

as I move my hands


an eye sees the

soft pale colors of dawn

on your skin

and I sing.

it was the breath of air

the hum of your sigh

that gave my heart a tune

it captured my thoughts

more than you know

did you hear?

can you listen,

even in your dreams?

away with the night-time rider

dear lover,

the morning

breaks and

my song radiates

from my chest.

rise to the hum and feel

the vibrations through me

knowing each note

reflects your soft

sweet scent

on my pillow

kisses and cherry blossoms

of the spring time

never cease to arrive

as you slowly open your eyes.

behold the morning

and my

easy gaze

wishing we could

live forever in the morning

moments and

the fire would never burn away

your sleepy smile.

then again

then again

If I destroy my inner self

fretting about


love that doesn’t exist


I will carve my name into

the tree of death

and slowly fade

into eternal


or agony

depending on how

you gaze at the dead


I now have