Let Me

The shadow Slowly stretches Across your lips Let me Lie in your beauty For a few fleeting  Moments The smile Suddenly swims Within your eyes Let me Stare into your soul For a few more simple  seconds Photo by Tanya Trofymchuk on Unsplash


You move to the Rhythm of your own Drum Faceless You dance to the  Beat of your own Song Faceless. How I wanted to See  Know  And feel You How I wanted to  Kiss Touch  And  Hear you But you are Faceless Photo by Devin Justesen on Unsplash

Same Word

"Clarence, I am thinking of a word that rhymes with memory..." Sharon leaned closer to the table. Clarence thoughtfully pondered the clue. "Darling, could you give me a bit more? How is it used in a sentence?" Sharon tilted her head to the side. She was thinking. "Sharon?" Clarence nudged again. He noticed how Sharon … Continue reading Same Word