Its Me

One day down

Check the box

And mark the calender 

I was blessed to make it through

Although the darkness lurks behind

My minds eye

It didnt cover my vision


I knew I could keep going

Making my own path from what I left 


Recounting the immovable parts

Never puts my mind at ease

So I started counting my steps

And let the breeze brush my neck

Its rubbish you might say

As you continue reading until the end

But my life and words are not complete 


On a page filled with periods

Oh no, dear solider

I am fragments and fractions

Spun together by time and linked 

By my loves and friends

Even my enemies tie the knots to create 

The assemblance of a person

Run away if you must

Keep reading if you can

My mind wanders far

But my body stays stationary

And time become ticking clocks

Moved only by the will to create



I have to laugh at myself


because I really think

I am gorgeous

Beauty queen

but graceful

This is how I picture myself

This is how I see myself

in the mirror

and I have to laugh at me

because I am not sure

my vision

is accurate.


As I fell asleep, as he fell asleep, as we fall asleep, there I lie looking up at the ceiling. I am waiting to bring to mind all the reasons I love you. I have cataloged them in my heart but haven’t told you yet. I turn and hear your breath. Soft but continuous. Knowing I am safe and sound, I love us.