The Haunting of Hill House

All the gold and silver

legends speaks but

the touch kills

in a house

where even the ghouls

dare not sing


Open to the public

Open to the stares

Where the welcome home


traps and snares.

I entered at my own risk

to find a land lost

jewels hidden in glass boxes

and you

sitting on a throne

only a crown to your name


the curse followed you

to each age

to each time

where every touch

gold reaps a madness

this haunting of hill house

where the winded child

dared to enter

only to find

that the treasure

made the man

a devil.


This poem is inspired by the Monster She Wrote, Prompt Challenge: Day 23-Haunting of Hill House and the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: winded child. Also, while writing this piece I listened to a song title “Midas“, and was very much influenced to tell this story in prose. So today is just an amalgamation of lots of inspiration! Photo by MUILLU on Unsplash.


You were my sunshine

and my rain

I loved each and

every petal

and laugh

Then the world tore us



my bare hands

Can I be forgiven?


Who gave me your heart

Who rested in my arms

I see you in the trees

I see you in the stars

There you are





my soul as

recompense for the love

that I let die



This poem is inspired by the Monster She Wrote, Prompt Challenge: Day 10- Beloved. I will be trying to follow this prompt challenge as much as I can throughout the month of October! Photo by Edan Cohen on Unsplash.