You gave me a reason

To love again

You gave me a reason

To think I was in love again

I was so totally captured by your voice and those moments that we shared together

Never noticing the fact that the words on a page created you

Not aware of how you could never touch my face or hold my hand

I kept dreaming about us


And how you would still be my one true love

Holding sweet incence words to my breast

How I wished that I could turn and see you standing near me

Those words like ivory

Precious and costly

For the death of a heart is required to make you truly live here

In my mind



I managed to start again

afresh knowing that part of the reason I write

is to share something


moving parts of my mind

falling into place over the keyboard

then I start and manage to eek out

What do you want to hear?

about my life and where I have been

The stroll that I took today

out of my bedroom

out of my mind’s eye

when I looked in the mirror and decided

it was time for me to

jumble those priorities

and reach the doorway

to possibilities

What will I find outside?



Honestly Summer Already started

Summer has started.┬áThe wind in the trees. And the branches have already started to sway. This time, this place it has begun. And as I open my eyes each morning I wonder how I will change the world. I wonder if I can leave my footprint on the sands of time. Can I be poetic? Artistic? Will any of these jackets suit me or should I be content with my pajamas. I want to wear the daring clothes with the daring hairstyle with tattoos and piercings. But will these garnishes reflect my inner self or am I afraid to wear what is truly me? When I look in the mirror, I see a girl ready to challenge the world. But she is not sure where to begin. I honestly don’t know where to begin. Summer has already started and I feel left behind. Therefore I will start writing everyday to at least document something. Start something so the dust won’t hit my face any longer.