It seemed

Where as

The hills

Were green

Standing permenant

My goals

Felt shattered



A smer storm

Quickly gone with

A fury of blows

Will motivation

Become the key

To my success

As I slowly

Learn to cope

With my




To sing until your eyes

Are cloudy

With fogged


From a time

You can’t remember


Everything fell into place

And you kissed my fingers


With only a tune

To say hello

Older couple

I love watching that

Older couple

Holding hands

So comfortable

They smile and look

Not even many words

Because they’ve grown


How many times have they

Held eachothers hand?

How many times have they shared

A meal?

Wrinkles that speak volumes

And love that is shown

In that squeeze of the


It is so simple

But breathtaking


Older Couple

Blue stained

Carpet in the

Last open room

To the left of the bathroom

This is where

I lived my early

Childhood nights

Haunted by

Dark spirits of

The ghosts from another time

Going back to

Reclaim some part

Of my younger self

And I never realized

I was already


The hinges are rusted and my

Heart flutters

When I see

An empty

Suitcase near the door

All my belonging thrown

Away to the wind

As to forget

All the things

That have ever hurt me

But what if

I hurt myself?

Poem every

Wouldn’t it have been

Nice for me

To write a poem

Every day

Each week

All the months

Of the year

Then someone could find

An answer to my life long

Pursuit of the question

Am I funny

Or just insane?

Its Friendship

Looks like a hug

In the winter cold

And warm fuzzy socks

Even in spring

Where we listened to the sparrows

And saw the bees grow old

I laughed more than

I had thought was possible

Warm tugging feelings in

My arms

Fingeres crossed

And chains on our




How much our time together


To each of us


I had a wistful wish

That turned

To a sour thought

Gaining traction

And gripping

Each tendril of my


The thought baked

Under the heat

Of summer

And started to

Smell of

Buring metal

The smoke filled my eyes

And singed my


Even my ears were


As the thoughts

Turned me



Another life

In another life

I think I was

The hero who

Created great films and spoke

To a great many people

Who embraced spicy food

And called out the fear mongers

In another life

I think

I wrote tearful poetry

That lasted beyond my time

I laughed at my wealth

And cherished only souls

In another life

I think, but

Who am I now?