Regrets – A Free Verse Poem by Leona

Do I regret the pointed moments of my life now?

I see in blues and greens

The warm rain as it hits the earth

And I wonder

Is my life complete?


Gray days have filled my thoughts

And I wonder if it is possible to love

The very idea of a person

I will wait


Do I regret the missed movements of my soul?

Languishing in hidden corners

Of myself

The finality of it made me shudder


Blue skies herald new beginnings

And I wonder if it is possible to be 

In love

With a new version of



Do I regret the heartful laughter of my current life?

How it is to be together

Shared meals and working in

The new garden beds

I will wait


Green horizons flicker and bloom

Sultry moments in between

And it’s okay to

Not know your destination

For the present

I have been processing a lot lately. Introspection seems to be my MO. It makes me wonder about the past 5 years and wondering what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. We’ve survived a lot recently but I don’t want “surviving the pandemic” to be my excuse for not living my life well. It has taken a lot of wondering about the future and what I want to be. Sometimes this is painful, other times it is fun and hopeful. I haven’t written as much as I should. Sometimes the words sit just left of the desire to pen them down. It’s that way sometimes. I’ve been reading more and trying to take it all in. Release myself to the world a little bit. All in all, this season is good and I trust that my days are not wasted. Rather this time is creating fertile ground for positive change and love.

Saturn – A Free Verse Poem by Leona

And then a ring landed in the middle of the dark sky

Royal riches strewn about the palace gardens

Walking in between the marble statues

Listening to the dripping fountains where the robins fluttered

It was a feeling of peace and above all quiet.


Sweeping strands of color and stone wound across the horizon

You wore blue bells on your ankles that jingled with each step

Moving toward a space that gave a sense of eternal time

Healing our wounds with lush elixirs only known to you

It was a feeling of might and above all wonder.


Cream and brown swirls drift toward the longing daybreak

A pocket full of silver was offered as a payment to the gods

But there was only ever one wish for the faithful

Leaving behind the desire for control over future dreams

It was a feeling of loss and above all love.


Counting every cylindrical line across the bend in the night

I hear the slow tapping of your footsteps through the woods

Smell the air, I realize that I have been here before

With an outstretched hand you gave the world a pause

It was a feeling of hope and above all awe.


Jupiter- a Free Verse Poem by Leona

On the wings of a faded


You arrived 

A tilt a whirl

Colors dazzling 

From your mouth

Capturing me up in 

Your majestic embrace.

We danced.


The glitter that clung

To your eyelashes

And cuffs

It started to sparkle

Under the deep

Dark sky

Gasping, you

Whispered in my



It was the way

The destructive force

Of your smile that

Made me wonder

About the magic found

In every inch 

Of you

Mars – A Free Verse Poem by Leona

Craters and far gone fires

Smolder and burn

The grassy lands into

Dry open spaces


It was a madness

That held you there

Constantly pounding

Until your fingers



Frozen in time

And awakening to

The zealous flames

That consume all


It was a broken hearted

Hope that kept you

Tied to the

Constant striking



The night sky displays

The peaceful facade

Of sandy reds


Only I know of

The doom shaken 

Footprints that

Roam this 


Earth – A Free Verse Poem by Leona

Destined to fall in

Another’s shadow

Under, within and through

But somehow breathing

Open and new

Destined to rise among

The stars to envy

Creating life, bringer of storms

And sustaining a cosmos

Destined to make from

The cold rocky shores into

Shading blues and purples

Life ran away from you

Into the unknown

Destined to serve as

A place, person and planet

To become all knowing but 

Every changing

Your gardens and grey clouds covered

The distance lands

We once knew

Destined to stay away

From the seeming brink of collapse

My eyes turned to the sulfur

Air and my lungs fill with dust

What once was

Will returned to you

Destined to rest under

The great forgotten sun

And start to slowly see the

Patterns that your 

Name did bear

Loves- A Free Verse Poem by Leona

Lots of loves say that

\\ in spring we found our light \\

But I become enthralled

And then masterfully won

Undone by the moments

Of the in between 

\\ in spring we found our light \\

You took something from me

A hand, a heart, a touch

I let you 

But I dinna mind

\\ in spring we found our light \\

Lots of loves say that

\\ in spring we found our light \\

Might it be my eyes

Deceive me? Have you rested

Your head upon my breast?

Confide and cling, to me

\\ in spring we found our light \\

Devilment – A Free Verse Poem by Leona

Midnight bells

Ring into the 

Great beyond

As the fae folk

Emerge from

A netherworld

I saw the

King and Queen

Dance into the


And bring

Their devilment party

To overtake

The great beyond





Until the dawn


This poem was orginally inspired by a Free Verse Revolution prompt from last year đŸ™‚ If you are interested in challenging yourself and submitting work, the next issue for FVR is accepting submission until Feb 20th!

Venus – The Planet : A Free Verse Poem by Leona

Blurred lines 

Drift across the blank sky

Recollecting the burning sulfur


Blue and pink waves

Sing a song to me my ancient lover

And never let me leave your thighs

I gave you everything

To touch and to hold

Sing a melody to me, my only heart

Crashing tunes

To bring space and time

Like explosions bursting

Forth from

A stolen grave.

It was glorious.

In March and April we were together

Under the stars that gave way to the sun

I wrapped my arms under your shoulders

And moved to meet 

my breast to your heart

Dancing lights 

And expecting breath

To guide and give

Vast open space

Bursting with every kind of 

Wonderful color

Mercury – The Planet : A Free Verse Poem by Leona

To dance is to love

That’s what she said to me

To know is to harness

In a world of black and blue

White light streamed from the doorway

On the other side of town

And I remembered feeling


Too close to the blistering heat

Of the ancient star

To know is to serve

That’s what you said to me

To love is to be

Hands wrapped around a golden singlet

As if to say goodbye

To the ancient of day

Fear and cross hairs of the barbed wire fence

And it was all in darkness

When the clock struck three

I ran

Too far and too close to see

The reddy sands of time

Slip through my grasp

I am excited to share a series of poems inspired by the planets. I was thinking of trying to put these together in a chapbook, but I think I will post them here and then decided later if I want them to be published in a booklet.

Travelers- A free Verse Poem by Leona

Wandering through a land

Of milk and honey

-even a sailor knows better-

To break the dayspring

Hope of a new world

-even the woman in the church cries-

Left are those who become faces

Left are those green hill pastures

Wandering through a land

Of steel and bone


To sing again with

Hearts fresh

Fresh milk and peonies

-even the radio tells me I belong-

Making new monikers to join

Ranks of other

Lonely bodies

Wandering through this land

Of stars and stripes

These past three poems that I posted were inspired by the prompt: Ancestors. I wanted to explore my own relationship with my ancestors as well as humanity’s relationship with those that have come before. In many places around the world, ancestors are prayed to and honored through various rituals. Recently, I have felt the lack of ritual in the west. It’s not that I want to pray to my ancestors but I have started to realize how honoring them is a way to process their deaths. Then that brings up the questions, how do I honor them? What is honor? Since there isn’t really a cultural context for these answers, I am able to define my own version of honoring those who have passed. This all comes from thinking about life, death, sickness, healing, and the legacy I want to leave behind. It was really wonderful to process all these thoughts through poetry. Although these poems were not accepted to the online magazine, I am particularly proud of them. Thank you for reading and enjoying! It is always a pleasure to share with you all.