I forgot


I forgot that there are ways

To tell someone

That you love them

There are ways to make you smile

My reflection became the 

Apple of my eye

And burned my heart

From within

I no longer can remember 

The ways to tell someone

That I love them


Will you sing me a song

And return my


To its rightful place?

Untamed World

Do I believe in the magic

Of the forest

Where the spirits speak and

Know your name

Do I believe the words written

In the sands of time

That have been left by ancestors

Long ago

I traveled and went too far

From the warmth

Of youth and love

Do I believe in the truth 

Of the skies

That reveal

Only beauties that can be understood

From a different world

Noise and language that

Cascades into a flowing


Do I dream in colors 

So vibrant to find

That I have discovered a new

And untamed world

Left for just me

To explore?

Water fall

As the evening air

Cooled my silken hair

I found a place to sit

Against the 


As the lovers wandered

Red painted lips

I found a place, a home

And watch

The water


This poem is directly inspired by the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge found here at Go Dog Go Cafe. The prompt this time was to Use the phrases “red painted lips” and “silken hair” in a piece of poetry or prose. I am working through older prompts to help spark my imagination.

Photo by Andrew Coelho on Unsplash

Didn’t Exist

I didn’t mind the way that 

I felt

Cold and sweaty palms

Licking my lips

When you called my name

I didn’t mind the way that

Your eyes and long lashes

Seemed to perceive

And pierce a part

Of my lungs that

I didn’t know existed

It was the cold “have been”

That made me wonder

Not the “maybe” or the “will”

It was the “might be happening”

That made me smile and



I wanted to tell you more

But I left words


And waited for

You to call

Because in my town

That’s how things were done

In my town that how things were.

The uncertain tone in my


Made you reconsider all the 

Motion and movement that we had


And I reached to a place

But you were already gone.

Breaking Point

A breaking point

I think that is what I am waiting for

Looking across the horizon

Hoping for a tsunami to wash

Away every aspect of my existence

Why do I wait for the stars to fall

From their lofty place?

Why to I dream of a dark expanse that

Leaves me wandering

And alone

This point

This breaking point

Does it need to arrive

For me to revie

The heart of my soul

Burning embers that

Have turned cold with time

And worry

I think I am waiting for the sun

Or a deep still moon

That will become a guide 

To lead me from

This unknown place 

I wander


Oh the sophistication of man

How he bucks his head

And say the words

In a straight line


I heard

I heard of this place called



Gold feathers and ancient names

Roam the streets

And give light

To the folly

Of this day and age


I heard

I heard of this place called

Chichen Itza


Towering pyramids and glass eyes

That birth

Fire and brimstone

To appease the gods

Of the here and



Oh the sophistication of man

How we think there

Is something new under the sun

But it has always been 


Photo by Aarif Sheikh on Unsplash