Tell me your name.




And Reveal

But then I blink

And you are gone.


Making and


New ripples in this

Thing we call



Tell me your name, Chimera

This poem is inspired by the Name That Vase by The Alchemist’s Studio! Each month, readers are given the chance to write a poem inspired by the vase! I was part of this challenge back in 2019 and had the honor of naming this piece: here. What would you write in response to this vase? Picture by The Alchemist’s Studio.

blizzard of thoughts

Awake and feeling

That you’ve forgotten

Something important

To do


I remember the way

You made me smile

And how I giggled

At your jest


That moment

In time

And a blizzard of thoughts

I knew

It was love


Staring up at the ceiling

And I think back

To all the important things

I need to say

To you

Hello! I have been going through some of the older Tuesday Writing Challenge prompts at the Go Dog Go Cafe. This poem was inspired by the title “blizzard of thoughts”. Although I have tried to steer clear of love poems recently, they always seem to creep back up on me! I enjoyed writing this poem and remember those feelings one gets as a teenager. Do you like to write love poems?

Heart Sealed

Maybe until

My eyes

Turn to ashes

Will I remember

That moment

I kept

My mouth

Words and

Heart sealed

To your pain

I saw

Knew and heard

How those people 

Treated  you

And I never

Looked your way

Or held your 


As you searched 

For a friend

Yes, I will die

With this regret

Of my silence

In your moment

Of need

This poem was inspired by the Tuesday Prompt Challenge at thg Go Dog Go Cafe. Check out this weeks prompt: HERE. I am working through some older prompts to help inspire my writing. For this prompt we were instructed to write about regret over a past choice. I really dug deep for this piece and realized that some of my biggest regrets come from keeping my mouth shut and not speaking up. It was good to use this poem as a way to process those memories and I hope to grow into someone who can advocate for those around me. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Begin Again


Move against

The grain



And moving past

The trapped

jumbled movement



Change them into


Skipping stones

Your thoughts

And actions

Worn and sanded

Almost to the point

Of cracking



Twirl and tumble

Up and down

Back and forth

For the past

No longer defines




Refined by 

The creation

Of new moments

And crashing

Through every




Keep pace to 

Your own rhythm

And feel

Sweet tender


As your soul


Its name

I am so excited to announce that I will have a poem published in the Flora Fiction Literary Magazine: Spring 2021 issue! This is such a huge step for me personally!! The piece above was also submitted to the magazine but was not selected, so I thought I would share with you all. The theme for the Spring issue is “Revival” and I can’t wait to see the published issue! I know for a fact that I will be buying a physical copy so that I can have a keepsake of my first published work! I am beyond excited and just want to say to everyone out there, “THANK YOU!” Thanks for reading and commenting, your kind words have built up my confidence and push me to write more and more. I will let you know when the issue has been published and where you can find my piece!

a midnight sigh

A traveler


But for a memory

That never left

The warm moments

By a fireside

With a soft

And simple way

About her

He did remember


A midnight sigh

And howling moon

For a smile

He could not


Hazel eyes

That stayed true 

And a mouth that


He did remember


This poem is inspired by the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Prompt Challenge. This is an older prompt from February(midnight sigh) but going through these helps spark my imagination. After re-reading, I must have been feeling very forlorn! Something about the word ‘sign’ sparked this idea of wishing and hoping for something else. What do you think about the poem? What does the word “sigh” spark in your imagination?

Early Morning Light

Even in the early morning light

you stand tall against

the blossoming sun

curves and spires

all sing with desire

as your reflection

dazzles the sky


Do you see your treasure?

Your marvelous might?

I wish to hear the soft

and subtle whispers

of my footsteps in the grass

as I walk toward the


the cool stone

white and wonderful

as my fingertips trail

on your fine built

Even in the morning light

I wonder if this all

a dream.

This poem is inspired by Sadje’s What do you see challenge! I always love these photo challenges and this has grown my interest in ekphrastic poetry! I loved the photo for this week and was taken away by the beauty of the Taj Mahal. As this is one of the seven wonders of the world, I hope to see it in person one day. In this poem, I wanted to play with the idea of a thing as a being or a person. When I visit places, sometimes it easy to fall in love with the place itself. So, I wanted to reflect those feelings in a poem. What do you think? Would you to visit this place?

3 Kyokas

Roses are red, and

Violets are blue, truly

My heart is distraught

For will naming the colors

Help me find a husband soon?


Jack and Jill went up

a hill, I told them to “Scram!”

Jack fell down and lost 

His crown. Jill turned and cried out

“Down with the capitalists!”


Good morn! Miss Muffet

Do you have some porridge to 

Share? Wait! No, I see

That I’ve frightened you! But wait!

People call me Spider Man!

Kyoka is a satirical take on the haiku form. I submitted these for an online journal, but alas they did not get accepted. The nice thing is then I get to share them sooner! I had fun taking on the challenge of writing these little poems. My inspiration was to use old American nursery rhymes and change them up. I feel as though I could have explored this a bit further and created something truly magical. But sometimes it is nice to just write and not worry about editing your work. Lately, I have been trying to submit to online journals and collections. This is just one of my resolutions for this year! It has been fun to challenge myself and stretch my writing! Thanks so much, I hope that you enjoy these little poems.

Is it the fear 

Taking hold of my heart

Hands that felt 

So warm

Just a moment ago

And I think 

That the vestibule is empty

Water slowly finding its way

To the ocean

Am I like the wind?

Drawn to the rushing


Whistling sounds

Where two lovers meet

And then fade

Many moments

On this planet earth seem


Stolen or fabricated

To fit anothers

Idea of wealth

Will I be the rainbow?

Dyeing to color

And change the ways

That humans perceive 

Even the simplest

Delicate beam

Oh how I wish

That it was easier to live


And know that 

You are loved.

Feeling a bit forlorn and lost lately. Emotionally I am everywhere all at once. Maybe its because the year anniversairy of lockdown is approaching and it feels ominous… Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash


People say that we look alike

You and I

Me and you

But I tell them that we are sisters

So it makes sense


Us and them 

Them and us


We exist in a plane

A realm, all to our own

Crafting imaginary friends and 

Detailed schemes

Of how to break free from this boorish

World we inhabit


I and you

You and me


Our color is red,

The color of rich velvety roses

Deep feeling and harsh tones

No one else seems to understand


you always loved the white chrysanthemum 



Me and them

Them and me


I grip your arm and wonder

About what you really think about

In that dark

Hidden heart

We share secrets

But your eyes make me wonder

If there is a depth

That you haven’t yet uncovered

To me


You and I

Me and You


Forget what that random mister

Said to us on the street

We laugh at the dog and

How he chased his tail

Then gave the wind

Ten thousand different names

Looking shyly at the sun


Never leave me

My sister

My love


You and me

I and thee

I wrote this for the Ekphrastic Challenge found at the Ekphrastic Review. It was really fun to be challenged by this picture. Honestly, I was hoping to have my poem featured on the weekly post but I was up against some master writers. Alas! But I wanted to share because I really loved how this piece turned out! Thanks for reading! I have been a bit MIA because of a personal project that is in the works!