It gave me a start

My third eye

Blind for all I knew

Was to see

With two eyes

Years unfolding

Origami of time

Pressing paper


Smiles and laughter drawn

On my face

I didnt mind

Because the pudding was set

And life moved

I used to worry about being my

Very best

Very best version

But thats all silly talk

Mirrors can burn

And images distort

For I like being true

To myself

To myself

Arrogant and witty

With a self deprecation

That lends itself to fun

Could have gone to the Olympics

Won a gold metal coin

To spit on

But the truth about


Is that it can


The oxygen from your


Leaving you

Wishing for something

Anything else

Good luck

My darling

Maybe this time you wont screw up.



Catch me

For I am falling

Down a stair case

And my hands

Are flung so


I havent

The will

To break

My fall


Do I think of any thing


Do I believe in something more?

Yesterday I thought again

Of my love

Where are you cherished friend?

Where are your kisses and sweet

Candy kisses

I believe that I dream too much

Sometimes I think my imagining


My reality

For it will hurt

If you do not meet my expectations

But it will blow me away

If you exceed them

I cried that I will never find you

A lost, lost soul

Searching for friendship

And love

People say they married their best


Well I need a best friend first

Be my valentine

I have never heard

Because I never made any effort to

Look your way

Now the past is gone

And the

what if

Still hangs over my head

Longer than the summer solstice

I think too much


Dreaming of your smile

I am afraid to remember how you

asked me questions

Because I know I put too much


Behind it

Behind it

I will be hiding

Behind my dreams

Of a love so sweet

I never again need to

Taste the honey dew