Making things

Many of us like

Making thing

Makin tings

Maken dings

But sometimes we like

Hinding things

Treasures to myself

Keep my creativity under


So no one can expect

The worldwind

Of a person

I am becoming

We like making things

I like makin tings

For you to discover me


I didnt say hello

How are you

For many months now

It seems your face has been 

Lost to memory

Where are you

Where am I

Too late I tried to save 

The remaining assemblage of a 


Who are you 

Who am I

I apologize for how I have neglected you

I dont really know how to be friends

Because it is hard

To care for everyone

I have built up walls around


Because I do not want to risk

Getting hurt

Or missing you

I am sorry

That I function 

Like a fourth grader

Pretending to be an adult

It feels as though I have lacked

In my scale

That I arbitrarily assigned to myself

I have judged myself harshly

Because I want to make sure the standard

I set is met so that

I can accept

That maybe


We are 



I thought I was creative 

He said 

Im not

Now what can I do

It hurt because

I had thought 

Thoughts were more than


But rather batteries

To my emotional ego 

I thought I was creative

So I am creative

Slowly uncovering the

Dancing mermaid

Living guised

As a two legged 


When Gone?

What will become of me after I 


Where will my loves and dreams


Will you say your prayers and wish me to


What will I do after I have been laid in the


When my heart beating stops?

Give grace to me Spirit





My friendship with you

Is something sweet

We talk about life and 


Justice and God

Our thoughts are free

And I am more thankful than


I read in my diary

A plea for a friendship

Real and deep

And I think I have been blessed

You have been changed by the spirit

And I have been changed by patience 

I pray our lives remain


And that we do not 

Drift apart

From the Lord 

We love

Say hello to my favourite movie

I love to sing along

And make believe 

That I am the princess 

The story is no suprise

For I know the ending 


And denouement 

Each passing pan

Makes me believe 

That I am the princess 

Of this story

I dont mind daydreaming 

I dont mind living somewhere else 

For I know the ending

Love song

Do not hesitate 

To stop me

From wandering far from reality

Please ask for my hand

As I stumble down the stairs

Keep in mind all the words

I have told you

And listen carefully to the hum

I sing with the morning

When you hear this song

And only then

Can I call you home

Be my safety in the night

Until I sing my tune in the morning

You must understand 

That it is unusual

For me to act this way

So unfettered from anxiety

So please listen to me 

As I sing a song about you

And the morning

As I hum to a beat

You have helped inspire

Do not hesitate to 

Join my hand in yours

And listen to the melody

Of my love for you