My reflection

Among the lily pads

On the cool clear 


Settled into a simple

Charmed life


My soul

Resting in the shadow

Of the trees


On the crisp


Settled into a charmed

Simple life

Not much to say about this poem. Change and new adventures sit on my horizon and I long for a ‘simple charmed life’. But maybe I already have it?



You stole my heart

And gave me a new name

The wide open spaces

To the desert beyond

Fissures and specks of sandy


Hit my face 

As I watch the thunderstorms

Roll in


Far away

Across the horizon 

I see the oldest 



You change my soul

Into a new creation

Forever I am spellbound

To your rocky plains

Harpy song

That makes me crave

To live again

In your sweltering



Far Away

Across the horizon

I watch as the Kachinas

Dance in the evening sun

I wrote this as a response to the Tuesday Prompt Challenge over at the Go Dog Go Cafe. We were inspired to Write a poem about a place that inspires you. Instantly, Arizona came to mind. I was able to live there for a month and a half during the summer of 2016. This time was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back and visit again. Honestly, I loved every moment that I was there. This desert place is so different from my hometown that I found myself marveling at the smallest things. I hope you enjoy the poem! Have you ever been to AZ? Do you think you would like to visit? Photo by Robert Murray on Unsplash.


To sing until your eyes

Are cloudy

With fogged


From a time

You can’t remember


Everything fell into place

And you kissed my fingers


With only a tune

To say hello


I seemed

To have


The love I found

In writing down

Every penny I could


I seemed to have forgotten

The easiness of the words

How they sooth my soul

No curse

Can last forever

They say

No love

Can last the night


I’ll try

To paint for you

Again I’ll try

Or die

Making things

Many of us like

Making thing

Makin tings

Maken dings

But sometimes we like

Hinding things

Treasures to myself

Keep my creativity under


So no one can expect

The worldwind

Of a person

I am becoming

We like making things

I like makin tings

For you to discover me


I didnt say hello

How are you

For many months now

It seems your face has been 

Lost to memory

Where are you

Where am I

Too late I tried to save 

The remaining assemblage of a 


Who are you 

Who am I

I apologize for how I have neglected you

I dont really know how to be friends

Because it is hard

To care for everyone

I have built up walls around


Because I do not want to risk

Getting hurt

Or missing you

I am sorry

That I function 

Like a fourth grader

Pretending to be an adult

It feels as though I have lacked

In my scale

That I arbitrarily assigned to myself

I have judged myself harshly

Because I want to make sure the standard

I set is met so that

I can accept

That maybe


We are 



I thought I was creative 

He said 

Im not

Now what can I do

It hurt because

I had thought 

Thoughts were more than


But rather batteries

To my emotional ego 

I thought I was creative

So I am creative

Slowly uncovering the

Dancing mermaid

Living guised

As a two legged 


When Gone?

What will become of me after I 


Where will my loves and dreams


Will you say your prayers and wish me to


What will I do after I have been laid in the


When my heart beating stops?

Give grace to me Spirit