Sweet Summer

In a land far away from here

A bright sun shone across the sky

In a place where rivers run clear

I found rest ‘neath the branches high

Babbling brooke and streams that cry

Softly to me, and here I claim

My heart and soul that seem to fly

The sweet summer breeze calls my name


Resting in the easy light place

My eyes close and I deeply breathe

Remembering the time and space

For life, loss and the river Lethe

Where I see the faded paths seethe

Into unknown patterns of shame

I see the floating flowered wreaths

The sweet summer breeze calls my name


Begin again, reckoning heart

Do not believe the tired lies

That crumble under the green start

Of a bright new day, if the cries

Of the newborn end with sunrise

How can we say there’s one to blame

For even the red robin flies

The sweet summer breeze calls my name


While asleep, while awake, I dream

As if my hope was to be tamed

I lift my eyes to the light beam

The sweet summer breeze calls my name

After a LONG while, I finally finished this ballade poem! This poetic form is very beautiful but a bit difficult for my free form poetic ways! I was very happy with how this form challenged me to count and rhyme. Thanks Donna for introducing me to the form! Be sure to check out the orignal post and see how other’s responded to the form! Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Stationary Solitude

Waves ripple

Swiftly melting moments

And I reflect

On the mirror

Of the universe




Black dots to

Swim across the

Other worldly planes.

The shade of leaves,

Phantoms of a 

Looking glass that has

Stilled the stream




I found breath and

Double vision memories

That always

Tenderly uncover

My innermost desire

To inhabit

This quiet world.

I wrote this poem in response to the Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge. You can find the photo I was inspired by here. I have been trying to write in response to various ‘challenges’ that I find online! It has been such a good way to push myself creatively and think outside the box. Recently, I have found myself less inclined to write about my personal life but I still want to create and feel inspired. These exercises have been a pleasant way to continue writing but not have to dig so deep… I wonder if this is part of the artistic process. After writing about myself for so long, it feels refreshing to take a step back and take inspiration from elsewhere. In this poem, I use the word “I” and you might be thinking “Isn’t this poem about yourself??”. Although this poem uses a first person pronoun, I don’t see myself reflected in the poem rather the “I” represents the reader. You really have to take a look at the picture to understand. Photo by Pepe Reyes on Unsplash


My reflection

Among the lily pads

On the cool clear 


Settled into a simple

Charmed life


My soul

Resting in the shadow

Of the trees


On the crisp


Settled into a charmed

Simple life

Not much to say about this poem. Change and new adventures sit on my horizon and I long for a ‘simple charmed life’. But maybe I already have it?