I’d never thought of prayer

As an act of friendship

Or a sign of deep care

And love

But now I realize

How it points my

Heart to the right


And that is more caring

Than questions

Or flowers

I prayed to the

God of the universe

(Cause I have an in with Him)

Not really

But I do care about you

And have no way of telling you

So I pray for your saftey

And I pray you have wisdom

We still don’t know

Each other

Very well

So I am hesitant

To call you

Or write you a letter

God answered and said you are


For he heard me whisper

I know He thinks of my every need

And understands my anxieties.

I pray for you

When I think of you

Which happens more often than it


And I hope you will fare better soon


Meal time

Can I pray in this sanctuary?

Filled with buttered bread and eggs

Toasty smells 

Lick my nose

And I wonder how long the preacher will 


For I talk to God

Even in the quiet hours of the day

I do not need a meal to make

A show

Of prayer

Finally I hear


And my gut rumbles with


Thank you for the food

I whisper to myself

As the spoon makes its way to my lips



Cascading synapes

Over my heart belly

Thank you for sensation

I whisper to myself

As my mouths fills and swallows

A meal complete