Myself Unknown – Free Verse Poetry by Liyona

Radiate from me

And never be afraid

To speak light

In this evensong,

The grapes of wrath

Led me astray

Who will call

Me home?

Remember all of me

And never be afraid

To sing love

In this service

The body longs

To be whole

Who will laugh

At me?

Understand the me

A mirror that has

Yet to reflect

In this movement

Hands and feet

Bring me home

Who will name

My eyes?


Oh the sophistication of man

How he bucks his head

And say the words

In a straight line


I heard

I heard of this place called



Gold feathers and ancient names

Roam the streets

And give light

To the folly

Of this day and age


I heard

I heard of this place called

Chichen Itza


Towering pyramids and glass eyes

That birth

Fire and brimstone

To appease the gods

Of the here and



Oh the sophistication of man

How we think there

Is something new under the sun

But it has always been 


Photo by Aarif Sheikh on Unsplash

It’s alway money


And certain times of the day

Lunch dinner and


It’s always money

That has the final say

In the land of


And timezone prejudice

I dared to look 

To the green pastures

Of space and fields 

Of amber


It’s always money

That has the final say

In the land

Of breaking news

And forgotten stories

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash.


Pausing and fearing

The invisible

Bonds that tie

Me to

This place I live

Painting and draping

Over all the

Memories that

Tie me to this

Invisible place

I live

For a mind wanders

And a souls tries

To sing

In this invisible world

I live

My personal journey with mental health has been an intersting one. Poetry helps me verbalize thoughts and feeling that don’t seem to have a space. Many times I wonder if I am alone in my experiences, but because of this little writing community, I know that this is not the case! Keep on writing and living, being and breathing! You got this! Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

I laugh

I laugh at the sun

And in my shining breath

I see how life

Feels beautiful


Care free birds

Swing and sway

As the lazy clouds roll by


And darling I drift off

To sleep

Nestled in your arms

Giggling at the new


We gave the trees

I am really enjoying the late spring and summer weather. It is such a wonderful time of year and I can’t wait to see all the adventures that this season has in store! Photo by Luiza Ribeiro on Unsplash