My Fiction

In my fiction dreams, there is a place to live and breathe. As if yesterday, sun kissed skies could help me forget the fact that I spent all day looking past the mirror into a world that doesn't exist. Feeling very restless as the stay at home order continues. Wishing for the ability to meet … Continue reading My Fiction

A Call

my cousin called me this afternoon to say hello how are you? I wanted to chat so I stayed on the line even though I had work to do. But she's only eleven and knows only of school. I'm almost twenty seven but wanted to seem cool. my cousin called me this afternoon to tell … Continue reading A Call

I dreamed

I dreamed of a bright blue horizon where I screamed into the wind and no longer tethered my hope to myself . I dreamed of a yellow bloom swaying freely where a small buttercup was my only companion no longer trying to be stronger than the sun . I dreamed of it all and remembered my … Continue reading I dreamed