On the wall

I saw the writing on the wall

I saw the invisible hand

Reach down and scribe those

Words on the hard

White stone

But there was no sound

As the letters were scraped in

I held my breath

I did not gasp

So no one else noticed

They milled around

Drinking swine and pearls

Pleasing their feathered egos with

Laughs and scoffs

I saw the writing on the wall

It shook me to my core

The words read in a language 

I dared not speak

In a tounge I dare not say

Silence became my enemy

For I realized I must warn those around me

I read the writing on the wall

And left the room

With a mute fury

No trail left by my




Ruffled yellowed feathers

Paper thin feeling

Between my fingers

The crunch of the page

As you turn

Black deep lettering

Striking contrast for the reader

Smells like eternity 

In a thousand spaces

All wrapped up in a wood container

Thoughts and visions 

Give rise to worlds of wilderness

That will be explored by minds

Tapered corners and hardback shells

Are part of the mystery contained in 

The story

Listeners cannot hear

You must read to find

The treasures hidden

The rubies and diamond words

Found on the flat page