My meaning

Mark your self as


chide yourself

as lovely

for as the moonbeams

rest on the laurels

of yesterday’s events

you are still


you mean something

mark yourself as


tell yourself

“I’m kind”

for as the sunshine

rises the weary travelers

to the day break

you are still


you mean everything


my meaning


Each day I seem to go over everything that I did and said. This reumenating is not very good for me, I know. But it is hard to break a lifelong habit. So each day, I spend time recounting what I think I should have said. When I find myself re-living moments, becasue it’s inevitable, I try to focus on the positive of each moment. I try to remember any kindness or smiles. I try to remember the laughing, especially the laughing, so that I can stamp that day with a “good job”. It doesn’t always work, I’m not always successful but these small steps will hopefully help me run the marathon of life.  Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash.