Time Together

My lips feel chapped against the grain of my multi-colored scarf. You had given it to me so long ago, I forgot if it was for my birthday or for Christmas. I muddle through the crowded street and pushed my way to our apartment.

Stamping my feet and shaking off the snow, I enter our warm home. Your cat sits on the chair in the corner and I say. 

“Hello Arnold”

I always wondered why you named your cat Arnold. It reminds me of that character from that one tv show we both watched as kids. I don’t remember the title any more. Was it really just called “Hey Arnold”?

I hang my coat in the coat closet where it belongs and pick up the mail that you left in the entryway. You never want to look at all the junk mail so you make me do it. For some reason, you always feel the necessity to open up every letter even when it is clearly just junk mail. I remember coming home once to find scattered papers everywhere with you sitting in the middle carefully reading a credit card promotion. It was this way with you sometimes. You would get so fixated as if you didn’t mind that you distracted yourself with something really tedious. I smile at the memory.

“Kerry?” I hear you call. “Is that you?”

“Hey babe” I say as I walk to the kitchen. I see you are by the stove cooking a delicious smelling dish. It always surprises me how much you like to cook. I mean, I love cooking but in my experience I hadn’t met someone who loved it more than me. Well, that is to say before I met you. You turn to face me and smile. 

“My sweet.” You say as you catch me in your arms. I am still surprised at being able to hug you so freely and being near you so often. I squeeze back and enjoy your warm embrace. My arms start to pull away but you tighten your grip. 

“Gotta catch’em all” you say in my ear. It’s so ridiculous I just laugh. My body is buzzing against your chest. We stand still for a few moments and I hear the hissing of water boiling on the stove.

“The pasta!” You suddenly pull away. I am still smiling.

“Can’t let the pasta boil over, Chef Tegan.” I peek around you to see the water has indeed started to boil over the pot. I grab a checkered towel from the counter and start to wipe around the pot.

“No no!”, You shoo me away. “Back, back. Milady does not need to assist the poor peasant boy in the kitchen.”

“But what if I want to help my farm boy?” I say, slightly pouting. 

Your eyes twinkle and you wink at me. I think it’s both charming and hilarious how you wink at me even when we are alone in the house. As if there is some ghost that might be listening and we need them not to catch our inside joke. 

“Ahh but even the farm boy must do as you wish and this morning you wished for delicious pasta primavera. I must continue for milady.” You say.

“Then I bid you A-Dieu” I say and turn to leave the kitchen. Picking up the mail, I put all of it in the trash and I grab a cup of water. I turn to leave.

“No parting kiss for your farm boy?” You say while stirring the pasta on the stove. You are so funny, it’s one of the many reasons we are in love.

“As you wish,” I lean into your expecting lips. “You are ridiculous and it’s everything I love about you” I whisper into your ear. As I pull back, I see the blush on your cheeks. It makes my heart jump. How you manage to make me feel so alive is still a mystery to me. But it’s a mystery I don’t mind never solving, as long as you are by my side.

Always Traveled Alone – A Free Verse Poem by Leona

You expected me to


In yellows and blues

But I told you that 

I’m not from this part of town

You expected me to


In red panda kisses

But I told you that

I don’t like the big city light

You asked me to


The way I did in the month of


But I told you that

I lost my voice a long time ago

You asked me to


The man you had become

And I told you that

I’ve always traveled 


Bus Stop – A Short Story by Liyona

Then all at once, Felix realized he was in love with Kelly. She had a softness to her that drew him in, no, not just that. It was her eyes, lips, warmth; everything. Even now as they sat together at the park bench on Walnut St., waiting for their bus to arrive. She was smiling at the sky saying that the trip to her Gran’s was good. 

“She wants to meet you, ya’ know?” Kelly turned to face Felix. 

Inches apart. He breathed. “I want to meet her too.” 

His heart was beating fast. Kelly’s closeness always did this to him. He could see the sparkle of her eyeshadow, slightly creasing at her eyelids. Felix nudged closer.

 “I really want to meet your family, you’ve told me so much about them.” 

Kelly laughed. “I think with all my stories you’d be sick of them.” 

She kept smiling at Felix. Her smile had a way of turning his stomach and making him giddy. He paused. Kelly looked at his lips, parting her’s. A chill wind blew against them both and Felix felt Kelly shiver against him. Hair whipping between them, he lifted his hand to cup Kelly’s cheek. Her skin was warm, his fingers cool. She lifted her face and tugged at his jacket.

“Felix” she whispered.

Their faces were just a breath apart as Felix met Kelly’s lips with his own. The cold had made them bitter at first, but he pressed in and she melted with the moment. Kelly’s warmth became his own as Felix tilted his head to kiss Kelly deeper. His hand moved to the back of her neck and he drew her in. Arms wrapping around her. The winter air and metal park bench became a forgotten memory to the couple as they shared their kiss. Overcome by sensations too wonderful to explain, Felix drew back to catch his breath. Kelly kept her face close. She kissed his cheek and settled in closer to him. Drawing herself into the crook of his arm. The air around them stilled for a moment. Felix wanted a longer kiss, a longer moment of closeness. He felt it in his bones. Kelly gave him assurance and excitement, love and hope. He shifted his body to let Kelly snuggle even closer to him. 

“Let’s meet your Gran this weekend alright?” he said.

“M’kay” Kelly mumbled against his chest. Felix heard the breeze pick up behind him and the squeal of the bus. Soon they would have to leave their cozy embrace, face the world and get home. But they would be together. Felix smiled as the bus pulled up to the park bench.

Devil’s Kiss- Free Verse Poetry by Liyona

“A fevered dream” 

Just you and I

[on the beaches where waves crash endlessly]

Remembering the itching feeling

“Your gray hair  is lovely”

It began as a tilt-a-whirl

[how we walked on the dirty smelly streets of New York]

A devil’s kiss for the lost

“You were my only love”

To the wind we laughed and

Said those things

This is written in response to the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Prompt!

blizzard of thoughts

Awake and feeling

That you’ve forgotten

Something important

To do


I remember the way

You made me smile

And how I giggled

At your jest


That moment

In time

And a blizzard of thoughts

I knew

It was love


Staring up at the ceiling

And I think back

To all the important things

I need to say

To you

Hello! I have been going through some of the older Tuesday Writing Challenge prompts at the Go Dog Go Cafe. This poem was inspired by the title “blizzard of thoughts”. Although I have tried to steer clear of love poems recently, they always seem to creep back up on me! I enjoyed writing this poem and remember those feelings one gets as a teenager. Do you like to write love poems?

Finishing Touch

“Hey babe” she called. “Keep the windows down while you go on to the highway. Then you can sing as loud as you want.” She tucked her hair behind her ear and waved goodbye. I tugged my bag to my shoulder, smiled and turned to get into the car. Leaving her was always hard, but her jokes and jabs always made me happy. I looked at her from the driver’s seat of the car and shouted back. “You only wish you could hear my sweet melodies. I only sing for my most special guests!” She smiled and waved. I couldn’t hear her response but she was laughing as I pulled away. Her smile was the finishing touch on a perfect trip. If only I didn’t have to go.

If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page. Photo by William Christen on Unsplash

In the fading light

The fire flickered 

Slowly simmered down

And our warm embrace

Kept my heart

From flying to the far beyond

In the fading light

I held your gaze

Your eyes wept

For the future that could flourish

If I would loosen 

My grip

The crackling coals

Lowly lit the love

That started to form

On my lips.

Photo by Yanny Mishchuk on Unsplash. If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page.


you wrangle

this mouthing mother.

smooth and simple



electric movements

of my heart,

for the strength

in your arms

never ceases to send

anger away

reviving a romance

that always was.

I have been trying to challenge myself with different prompts! I found Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt and though I should join! This was a fun challenge to edit my prose into 33 words. At first I was sad to edit the original piece down, but I think it actually increaded the strength of the words chosen! If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration and background of my work, check out my kofi page. Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash