I cried for the

10,000 people who



Great white linen sheets

that cover the grass and


falls around their faces

It isn’t a fair

cruel world we

live in

Its just


dark, cold and dead

I cried that

my own sadness

covered my own circumstances

I forgot

every blessing

that falls at my feel.

So help my God.

I wrote this during the 4th week of quarantine. That week, it was very hard for me to continue on and see joy in the morning sun. I am doing much better now, finding new rhythms to ease the passage of time. Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash.

Standing in the…

A cool breeze

frosted windows

standing in the


she studies

listened and


that reflections

can be


This poem is directly inspired by the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at Go Dog Go Cafe. The prompt this time was “standing in the mirror”. I am working through older prompts to help spark my imagination. Be sure to check out the challenge every Tuesday! Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash.

My meaning

Mark your self as


chide yourself

as lovely

for as the moonbeams

rest on the laurels

of yesterday’s events

you are still


you mean something

mark yourself as


tell yourself

“I’m kind”

for as the sunshine

rises the weary travelers

to the day break

you are still


you mean everything


my meaning


Each day I seem to go over everything that I did and said. This reumenating is not very good for me, I know. But it is hard to break a lifelong habit. So each day, I spend time recounting what I think I should have said. When I find myself re-living moments, becasue it’s inevitable, I try to focus on the positive of each moment. I try to remember any kindness or smiles. I try to remember the laughing, especially the laughing, so that I can stamp that day with a “good job”. It doesn’t always work, I’m not always successful but these small steps will hopefully help me run the marathon of life.  Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash.

Daytime Wondering

Late in the day

with only a pencil

and pen

to my name

and wish that you were here

by my side

Late in the evening

with only a soft

red blanket

to comfort

my lonely heart

And I wish that the flowers bloom

In the dusk set air


tomorrow will wash

over each time and place

and soon I will forget

the reason for my aches


My head is heavy

with the ideas

that tomorrow and today

aren’t heaven sent.

instead I think in circles

and replay time

as if that will

clear the fog.

My mind wanders

to a distant


where trees and flowers sway

a place where

I see only the sun

shining through

the mist of the morning.

And I wonder

Am I alone in this world?

Getting back into the rhythm of life is hard after the holidays. This week has gone by slow and fast all at the same time. I definitely have the new years blues and I am hoping that by indulging in my favourite past time (writing) I can regain some assemblance of myself. What are ways that you ease back into everyday life after the holiday?


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

A Time to Rest, a Time to Write

Oh Hello!

It seems like forever since I sat down and spent some time writing on this blog. Why did I take time away?

Well, the easiest answer is that the business of life took me away. I wish it didn’t but it did. Now I come stumbling back to my keyboard wondering if my dear writer friends will still want to hear my poems.

I have felt a strong sense that it is important to take time to rest, recharge and reconsider my life journey. These past few weeks have been this time for me. Although I have been busy, moments that I normally would take to blog have been filled with reflection and meditation.

This time away has made me more excited to start writing again. I have different and new ideas that I want to try and for the first time I don’t feel fear in sharing these ideas with you.

I am looking forward to the future. The bright sun and the yellow pink shadows that fall as I turn my face toward the light.

Be well and you’ll hear from me soon. I promise.



Photo by Angelina Kichukova on Unsplash.


There a good happy


In my life

And I took the time

To relish

Just the other day

A glimpse into the present

And I realized

I have more than a full


It was one of those thoughts

I thought I’d never think

One of those ideas

That I could never call my own

Yes I’ve grown

But I still feel grounded

Realizing that

My life


My home