A girl

What does a girl say

When the biggest threat

To her success

Is her own spirit

A two pronged thing

One in tune with nature

The other raging

Mismatched socks

In a drawer of a person

And I seem to be one step behind

The thoughts in my head

And my words are one step behind

What was trying to be said

How do you think

Is it easier?

Washing hands and hair

With lavender soaps

To disguise

And hint

Of melancholy

Or decay?

Seeming forever lost

To my own self

But others have found

The moss

Green stained hands

Mud bellied

Apple tarts

And I’m drowning

What should a girl say

To wake herself up in the morning?


Never say more

Its a clover

Three leafed

Never saying more than

Whats needed

Give me my own song

I’ll never sing more

Than whats needed



Finger tips

And a slushie moment

Of words

I’ll never say more than whats


You drip

Crayon colors

Through the woods

As we tried

To play pretend

And imagine

A landscape

Of fire

Rust tastes like

Sweet cinnamon

In my mouth

And I think I am begging for


I’ll never say more than whats


Gifts small


Made by

Small hands

Some where in Indonesia

Or thailand

Presents for love

Or death

And you think

There is nothing left

For you to discover

But I never say more

Than whats needed


She muttered to herself

As the days events unfolded

Always questioning the validity of her 


The only time the muttering stopped 

Was when she delved into a story

A place unknown that she had to discover

This pattern of speaking slowly left

Her with fewer and fewer friends

For she started imagining a better verison

Of the people around her

Living inside your mind 

Is a dangerous thing to do

The more frequent 

The less likely you will stop

They say virtual reality is a new technology

But I’ve been exisiting inside of myself 

For a long time

She knew it hurt her

I knew it hurt me

Spirit, break me from this pattern

This life I have contrived for myself

Made Up

I applied the make up to my face

My hands knew the drill

Where to pat

Where to puff

My lips plumped for the red red stain

All the motions were set before

I remembered that this wasnt me

The face filled in

Looked nice

But cracked underneath

Why did I go through the motions? 

When I knew I would be unhappy?

The eyeliner rubbed off

When I itched my eyes because of allergies


Allergies to being a fake version of 



Reasons you are lovely, a poem of self love rather than self hate:
Each morning comes with new dew and new sun
You stretch your arms
Strong and bold
You notice the little things about you
And why they make you laugh
You encourage the lark to sing once again
As your self doubt creeps into your morning
The mirror shows a being of charm and wit
The tongue show a woman of grace and beauty
For you are beautiful
As you listen to your inner voice
Harm might be lurking
Then softly to yourself you start to sing
Singing a song only you know
It releases your stress
Gives breath to your day
Maybe you will smile at that stranger