I will sing my song to

the earth

in the morning

dew hits my lips

as I move my hands


an eye sees the

soft pale colors of dawn

on your skin

and I sing.

it was the breath of air

the hum of your sigh

that gave my heart a tune

it captured my thoughts

more than you know

did you hear?

can you listen,

even in your dreams?

away with the night-time rider

dear lover,

the morning

breaks and

my song radiates

from my chest.

rise to the hum and feel

the vibrations through me

knowing each note

reflects your soft

sweet scent

on my pillow

kisses and cherry blossoms

of the spring time

never cease to arrive

as you slowly open your eyes.

behold the morning

and my

easy gaze

wishing we could

live forever in the morning

moments and

the fire would never burn away

your sleepy smile.



It snuck up on me

Like it always does

Rats scurring in drainage pipes

I felt afraid to look ahead

But paralyzed to move backward
It wasnt as simple as

People make it seem

The darkness

The sweet sweet darkness of it

Makes me wish

I was dead too

Then I am there

In the sewers

Even before I knew

Like a lock with a key

I am opened by memories

Filled with thoughts 

That pervade my


And my love

My love

My love

You sing to me

Soft words

Raising up prayers in my defense

You sing me to sleep 

Lay in my arms

You chide

I must

For you have captivated me

I forget the dark dungeon

And see a

New dawn

My love

My love

My love

Wont you sing to me?

Love song

Do not hesitate 

To stop me

From wandering far from reality

Please ask for my hand

As I stumble down the stairs

Keep in mind all the words

I have told you

And listen carefully to the hum

I sing with the morning

When you hear this song

And only then

Can I call you home

Be my safety in the night

Until I sing my tune in the morning

You must understand 

That it is unusual

For me to act this way

So unfettered from anxiety

So please listen to me 

As I sing a song about you

And the morning

As I hum to a beat

You have helped inspire

Do not hesitate to 

Join my hand in yours

And listen to the melody

Of my love for you


Ima sing song writer

Ima dance drive fighter

Beats keep my feet in time

Beat keep my body in line

Cant stop moving

My body

Cant stop singing 

The music

Ima fierce fought dragon

Ima lost soul laggin

Behing the door is where the secrets lie

Behind the door is where I hear you cry

Cant stop the beat of the 

drums now

Cant stop my feet from


Ima gasp in the mirror 

Ima ghost in the corridor 

Ima hero in my own mind

Ima shine till I make you blind

Cant stop the light from blazing

Cant stop us

We’re amazing