Halloween Micro Story- Fiction by Liyona

Dark and crooning. I am starving. Ripping my feathers to satisfy my hunger. I perch only for the glory of a wandering soul’s gaze. Waiting. Slowly my hunger grows as does the darkness. Shrieks. Caws. My talons sink; deep. The screams are devoured by my hunger; I feast. I wrote this in response to 50 … Continue reading Halloween Micro Story- Fiction by Liyona

Little Loves

 "Darling put the dishes away." Mark said to Elvyria.  Turning, she sighed and noticed the small decorative flowers on the rim. Blue Peonies. Tiny little loves. Elvyria sighed again. One plate could not replace moments lost. The porcelain in her hands felt so... breakable.  "I never want that again'' Elvyria muttered under her breath.  Mark … Continue reading Little Loves