Constantly falling

In beat with the



The withered old


Tree roots

And long grasses

Sway while

Only the one-eyed cat watches

I hum a tune

With grains

Of dirt in my fingernails

And the hope of lemonade


It is a time

And a world

I wish to live in for a while



Pool summer

I felt lost

Amoung the summer months

The warmth made me


And I didnt want to


Jump in a pool

They said

It will be fun they said

Little did they know

I would 



Oh what happy day! 

When the earth turns toward the sun

Mother feels warm and stretches her arms

Oceans lap at the sandy kissed beaches

And I wonder why spring is so beautiful

Oh what glorious night!

That moves light from my eyes

But the moon keeps me warm

Soft breeze in pale light

Let me see the sweet silence of the garden

And I wonder why spring is so beautiful 

Move away Summer

My heart is longing

for the cold hearted weather

where my nose is red with my breath like a cloud

My heart is not longing

for this terrible summer weather

where the sweat drips down my back and onto my shirt

Please move away summer,

I do not love you anymore