She wished for a love
a lust
that would drive her farther from herself.
She thought that a protector is what she needed
but she didn’t realize that no one could save her from herself.
She needed to do it.
Those loves and those dreams
where merely past times
to create a sense of security within herself.
A feeling of bliss
while her real world sank.
She woke up today;
she saw how she was hurting herself.
So then
she started to write;
putting words together
forming sentences of her true fears.
For when she wrote down her terrors
they stopped materializing as ferocious thoughts.
She was able to decipher her own imagination and put down building blocks to a healthier future.
This act of inscribing meaning allowed the power of control
to be in her words,
her thoughts,
and her destiny.
She looked at life with a happier charm and decided that her dreams could still be accomplished.
She did not need daydreams to make her forget;
Instead she remembered and strove to create even more
with her new found determination.



I believe in the complex

the symmetry of entropy


life is more complicated than

my political affiliation or

my gender

at least I believe so

taking everything into account seems

like a daunting task

until you realize it is the only way to understand

fully how I think

the mess of my mind

creates the words and jokes I tell

sorry, I can really be crude, can’t I

I didn’t mean it

any of it

life it too complicated to be taken

completely seriously

Right, Friend?

We both say hogwash but mean daisies and roses

we both glance at our watches and remember our schedules

plotting life adventures like a math problem

Geometry maybe?

Sometimes the simplest “Hello”

will help me realize that life isn’t as

complicated as I make it seem

when I reduce my fractions and

smile in the mirror

then I can start to focus

on the objects of happiness and joy

that make this world Simple

A Bit of Sunshine

Yesterday, where I live, there was a huge storm. It down poured with rain. The winds blew so hard it picked up things and smashed in windshields. A hormonal teenager, really. Darkness hovered over everything while the rains spat down on us. It felt like a temper-tantrum. But then, you know, after going to sleep. I wasn’t sure what to expect the next morning. More outbursts? More hormones?

Happily, instead I was graced with a little bit of sunshine. This light, these rays shone through me the rest of the day. And a I wore a smile on my face not because I thought it was trendy but because it finally reflected my heart.