May your heart rest easy

In this busy time of life

May you sing each morning

with the birds in flight

May warmth and prosperity

be your shield in night

May you guard your home

with generosity and hospitality

Welcoming each stranger in

with a warm embrace

May your days be filled with laughter

and tears that only burst from the sun

May the time we are apart

be shorter than winter

For the days have grown long

and I miss your arms

May my sweet kisses

grace your eyelashes

In an ever quickening pace

Until you smile brightly

And squeeze my hands

May our love spread through

each thing

we own

until May becomes the best month

of the year.


It wasnt December 

Its wasnt in the month of may

That I blew out my 

Birthday candles

Wished for 

Waited for

Another year to pass


Ruffled yellowed feathers

Paper thin feeling

Between my fingers

The crunch of the page

As you turn

Black deep lettering

Striking contrast for the reader

Smells like eternity 

In a thousand spaces

All wrapped up in a wood container

Thoughts and visions 

Give rise to worlds of wilderness

That will be explored by minds

Tapered corners and hardback shells

Are part of the mystery contained in 

The story

Listeners cannot hear

You must read to find

The treasures hidden

The rubies and diamond words

Found on the flat page