Dark creatures

There was a land

shaded in mist and shadows

seeping through the trees

only moonlight lit the path

darkness was daytime

and night ever more pitch

so the creatures learned

to see the shadows

and the moonlight on the path

their eyes were green


and violet

cool colors to touch

their skin was blue

black and garnet

cool colors to touch

any wary travel

felt the presence alongside

the path

the horse shuddered and turned away

as the creatures let out a hiss

for they solemnly swore to protect the moonlight

and snuffed out every fire

keeping their eyes adjusted to the shadows

to the moonlight that lit the path



Driving in the Car

As I move from point A to point B, I can’t help but use a car. It is so convenient and why not dazzle myself with modern marvels? But back to the traveling, I get into the car and turn the key. The engine roars more like a fire rather than a lion and I am off! As I sit in the car my mind wanders from subject to subject. Maybe I even start to talk to myself. I say a long prayer for there is no one else to talk to but God. Then I start to sing. With no audience and no listeners, I am content to blast the music and belt from my lungs. A wonderful freedom while driving by myself. The loneliness merely spurs on my confidence as I continue to hum a melody. Traveling alone gives me space and time to be me. In the turn of the roads and the stopping of the lights, the rhythm lulls me into mediation and dreamy thoughts. I enjoy traveling and driving with just myself. It was a special treat only for me to enjoy.